WONDER: The Book I've Read Over 50 Times

Hi there. This is my first ever blog post so I've picked a VERY special book to begin with. Wonder by R.J. Palacio definately my favourite book of all times.

Wonder is a heartwarming book which tells the story of August. August was born with an illness that means he has severe facial disfigurement. He's been home-schooled for years but now he's starting middle school at Beecher Prep. The minute August spots Julian he can tell Julian won't like him - he couldn't have been any more right. The 'fight' is on.

 August is cool, clever, smart and funny. He needs to prove his looks aren't the 'real him' but it isn't that easy.

Wonder is taken from multiple points of view so you can see what other characters think. When I first saw it change from one characters point of view to another I didn't really enjoy it but now I'm glad the author wrote it this way as you get to see inside the heads of lots of different characters, including Via, Auggie's sister and Summer, one of his friends. This is one of million reasons of why I enjoyed reading Wonder.

Wonder is such a touching story - it really stuck in my head because I've never read a book like Wonder before.  It is full of tears of sadness AND happiness. As it says in the title I've read Wonder over 50 times and I've never got bored of it. I totally recommend this book to ANYONE, I repeat ANYONE - it was my Mum who introduced me to Wonder, I'm sure I wouldn't have picked it up off the shelf. Read it but you'll definitely cry so have some tissues with you!



  2. Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!

  3. I read this on your recommendation ... First by myself .... BIG mistake ... Stayed up all night to read it and was v sleepy at work the next day. Then I read it with Zizi as a treat ... We both loved it ... Wonderful to read a book about kindness with humour and a snappy line. Will look out for more recommendations!
    Loving the blog, too! Keep up the good work!
    Ps this is. Marcie on Ben's account

    1. Thanks Marcie. Hope to see u soon. Yes this book was WONDERful wasn't it?!?!

  4. MEMORIES AWWW. Happy Blog Birthday girl <3


  5. Great review! I love Wonder too. Keep posting!


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