The Best Films For Every Mood

It's Sundays, so for many people, that means movie night!! Now, I'm very very picky with the films I watch - I have to love the film, I won't just turn a random movie on if I think I won't like it. So, I thought I'd compile a list of the best films (in my opinion!) for every mood, from romantic films to empowering ones - sad ones to festive ones. Most of these are available on things like Sky, Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu... - I can't remember the last time I went to the cinema, as I just watch films at home!! If you want the full movie experience at home, there are a great range of Panasonic wireless home cinema systems here, which make amazing gifts or just treats for your family!

The best film if you want something... empowering: Hidden Figures!! Hidden Figures is a super lovely, emotional, empowering film about 3 black women working for NASA in the 60s. I watched it a year or so ago, but it still sticks with me as one of my fave movies ever!

The best film if you want something... to watch with your family: Pete's Dragon. I actually did a more in-depth review back in October 2017, which you can read here, but I just had to mention it in this post again. It's a very uplifting (but also emotional in parts) film that is similar to a classic Disney movie, but has a little more depth to it.

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The best film if you want something... with a great soundtrack: La La Land. La La Land will always be one of my favourites; the songs are so beautiful (I have the soundtrack downloaded on Spotify!), I really like the characters and the actors did a great job.

The best film if you want something... uplifting: Mamma Mia HWGA. I'm pretty sure evvvverybody has seen it by now, but just in case you haven't I had to put it down as the best uplifting film.

The best film if you want something... romantic: Love, Simon!! I watched this on a plane, so I haven't had the chance to introduce this to my family, but I will do at some point. This is a very classic teen romcom kinda film, but with a twist... the focus of the play is on a relationship between two boys! It's so good to see mainstream media covering the LGBTQ+ community so well, and I highly recommend.

The best film if you want something... to make you cry: The Imitation Game. Now, this isn't a film that is full of sad moments where you should cry, however there are a couple of scenes that were super sad (I won't say what though, because I'm #spoilerfree!).

The best film if you want something... Christmassy: Love Actually. Festive films don't really apply to this time of year, but I had to mention my favourite Christmas film - Love Actually. It's so funny and sweet, plus the cinematography is beautiful!


So these are The Best Films For Every Mood! Thank you Panasonic for collaborating with me on this post. This is an ad, but all views and opinions are 100% my own!! Have you watched any of these? What are your favourite films?


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