Being a Woman: The Good and The Bad

It's International Women's Day 2019, so for today's post I thought I'd talk about Being A Woman. There are so many good things that I LOVE about being a woman #grlpwr, yet there are so many issues that face me as a girl, even in the 21st century! So I decided to chat to some of my family blogger friends to get their opinions on the Good and Bad of Being a Woman and include their thoughts, as well as some of my own views, in today's International Women's Day blog post.

The bad bits:(

"The worst thing is everyone always saying that my opinions only come from me being a female. Whenever I speak up about sexism, equality, or even if I point out someone saying something misogynistic, people say something like, "...Of course you feel that way, you are female.", as if my feelings don't root from my own morals/ethics."

- Rohini from RoRo K Designs.

"Personally I haven’t had any major bad experiences as a woman but I always hear harmful throwaway comments like ‘get in the kitchen’ or ‘women should do the cooking and cleaning’ which are completely unfair and unreasonable."

- Abby from Through Abs Lens on Instagram (her photos are amazing!).

As I'm only 14, I'm lucky to have not experienced anything seriously bad as a woman, but one example of implicit sexism I have noticed was when I was selected for my school's science team 4 years ago. 8 people from my year were selected for the quiz team and only 1 of them (me!) was a girl. Now, maybe it could just be that the boys in my year on the whole were better as science, but personally I believe it's because society has an unconscious gender bias and thinks that men are better at science than women. Were the boys actually better than some of the girls? Or was it just society subliminally putting these messages into our heads? I guess I'll never know!

- Me:)

And the GREAT things:)

Whilst there may be some bad things about being a woman, International Women's Day is not about celebrating the bad bits... it's about celebrating all the awesome things about being a woman!
'One of the good things about being a woman is I think we have more room to truly express ourselves especially with clothing. I was looking at pictures from a dance last year. All of the guys had the same tux on - the girls on the other hand, all had totally different dresses and shoes. Plus makeup!! Guys can of course wear makeup, but many don't because there is such a stigma.'

- Nabila from Hot Town Cool Girl

'Something good I like about womanhood is being able to express myself through a range of avenues freely. The ability to try out different looks in terms of fashion, beauty and more without judgement is great! Another great perk of womanhood is being able to have the opportunity to pro create and bring more life into the world!'

- Catherine from Written by C.A.

'In terms of sisterhood, there is power in numbers and women come together to face life. Like female friend groups helping a friend get over a break-up, girls all rally around and will provide everything from an ear for support to actual physical help such as doing their friend's laundry.... Women are born fighters.'

- Marian from Marian K

The best part of being a girl is the community it comes with. There are so many other females that are here to give support, without awkwardness or judgement. The way I could talk to any of the independent ladies out there and immediately be able to bond with them. I love having that positivity in my life.

- Rohini from RoRo K Designs

I completely agree with Rohini - I think that there is such a strong sense of womanhood these days, especially via platforms like social media. One of my favourite things about being a woman is definitely this sense of #girlpower and how female empowerment is becoming so popular in the media. There are so many women in leading roles in film + TV and there’s so many badass females I can look up to, including Jameela Jamil, Melissa Fumero, Taylor Swift and Stephanie Beatriz.


Overall, I love being a girl, and being part of this amazing community:) Whilst there are still many issues regarding equality between the sexes, and I will fight for 100% equality forever, we have come such a long way and I'm so happy to wish you all a HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY. I'm a proud intersectional feminist and I have found it so interesting talking to some of my friends about what being a woman means to them.

If you're a girl.. what are your favourite things about being female? What are your least favourite things? Thanks to all the lovely people in this post for contributing:)


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