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Hi everyone!! Firstly, I wanted to say Happy Diwali to all my Sikh, Hindu and Jain readers out there:) And Happy November!! I cannot believe it's less than 6 weeks until my favourite day of the whole year aka Christmas Day. And today I'm sharing a bit of a festive blog post that will (hopefully) be helpful to all you bloggers, journalists and content creators (particularly anyone doing Blogmas)... 25 Christmas Blog Post Ideas. I promise I won't do loads of festive posts just yet, however I wanted to get this published fairly early as I know many bloggers are starting to plan their Blogmas posts now.

These ideas would work for an assortment of different niche blogs, particularly lifestyle, fashion, beauty and food blogs:) Make sure you let me know if you find this post helpful - I always love hearing your feedback and comments!

1. The Perfect Red/Berry Lipstick(s)
2. How To Do Christmas Right In ___ (insert name of a city you're familiar with like London or New York)
3. The Best (Or The Ugliest) Christmas jumpers
4. Creative Ways To Make Use Of Christmas Meal Leftovers
5. DIY Christmas D├ęcor

6. 10 Gifts Under £10
7. The Best (or if you want to be controversial, Worst) Christmas Films Of All Time
8. Christmas Wishlist
9. The Advent Calendars You're Desperate To Try Out But Can't Justify Spending The Money On
10. Incredible Charities That Are Particularly In Need Of Support Around Christmas

11. Interview Different Friends & Family About Their Christmas Traditions
12. Most Underrated Christmas Songs
13. Your Favourite Christmas Books
14. 5 Festive Recipes That You Couldn't Live Without
15. Your Christmas Day Makeup Look

16. The Best Christmas Candles
17. The Winter Dress Edit
18. New Year's Resolutions (not Christmassy but you know!!)
19. Christmas/Winter Lookbook
20. Write a Festive Poem

21. Christmas Traditions Everyone Should Adopt
22. 5 Homemade Gift Ideas
23. A Letter To Santa
24. Unique Gingerbread Recipes (I saw someone once who made gingerbread doughnuts!!)
25. The Best Hot Chocolate Recipe

I hope everyone enjoyed this post and found some of these ideas useful... if you do use any of them definitely let me know and I'll give your post a read:) Do you celebrate Christmas? How are excited are you for Christmas, on a scale from Grinch to Mariah Carey?! Let me know in the comments below:)

Lexie x


*Note: for my long-term readers you may remember I did this same post last year, however it's not the exact same post... I've included some different ideas (although some are the same). I figured most people won't remember that post, plus most of my current readers are new! I just thought I'd let you know in case anyone thought I was just completely recycling old content*


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  1. These ideas are fantastic thank you for sharing girlie!! But omg the amount of advent calanders that just look amazingggg I cannttt even cope x x

  2. I definitely celebrate Christmas! It's just such a fun and happy time.

    Also, this list has some great ideas! The ones I would be interested in making a post on would be Most Underrated Christmas Songs, Your Favourite Christmas Books, and A Letter To Santa.

  3. Fun! Love the ideas of interviewing family/friends for their Christmas traditions and how to do Christmas right in 'region'.
    Yes celebrate, and on the Mariah Carey side!

  4. All of those ideas sound super fun! I'll definitely be referring back to this. :)

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl


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