Affordable Gifts For Teen Girls + Caseapp Collab with 20% Discount Code!!

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Hey!! Now, this is not exactly a Christmas post (I've been repeatedly told it's too early for anything like that... despite me desperately wanting to start playing All I Want For Christmas Is You and putting up my mini Christmas tree), however it is a post that I think will be very useful in the months leading up to Christmas. Today, I will be sharing my Top 5 Affordable Gift Ideas For Teen Girls and as a teen girl myself, I feel very confident in my picks. These are all under £20 and would make great birthday presents (or Christmas presents, for that matter). This is also a super exciting post, as it's a collab with Caseapp... an amazing phone case + laptop skin brand that's based internationally. (Also, stay tuned as I actually have a 20% off discount code to use when ordering from Caseapp).

1. Phone Cases

Most teenagers these days, myself included, have their own mobile phone (and use it all the time). Because phones get used so frequently, it's important that they are protected (because no teenage girl wants to have to deal with angry parents because she broke her expensive mobile and now wants a new one). However, just having a plain, bulky phone case is not cool, which is why phone case companies (like Caseapp) are perfect. Caseapp literally has hundreds of designs, and you can even make your own custom iPhone case by uploading your own images onto the site. As long as you know what phone the person you're buying for has, you really can't go wrong with buying them a phone case. (Plus, if you go to you can use my 20% off discount code... WHATLEXIELOVES20. Two of my favourite cases (for inspiration) are:
This cute lemons case!


I have this pink, strawberries phone case myself and got loads of compliments on it during school!!

2. Mario Badescu rosewater facial spray

This spray has become really popular lately, and is a great gift for pretty much all teenage girls, particularly those who are into their skincare and makeup. This spray is only £7, so it's nice and afforsable, but makes for a really sweet AND useful gift. You can buy from Beauty Bay here:

3. Portable charger

Portable chargers aren't the most interesting or exciting gift if I'm being completely honest, however everyoneeee could do with one, and they're so useful (def going to be on my Christmas wish-list this year!)

4. Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb

If the person you're buying for likes makeup, you can't go wrong with a lip-gloss, and the highly raved about Fenty Beauty one is a great shout. I have the gloss bomb myself and absolutely LOVE IT so this is definitely a great gift.

5. Gilly Hicks Bralettes

Hollister does some really cute (and super affordable) bralettes, which make perfect gifts. The bralettes are only £14-£17 and are cute, comfortable and a really sweet present.

I hope you all enjoyed this 5 Affordable Gifts For Teen Girls blog post!! Would you like to receive any of these gifts? What would you add to this list? Let me know if you'd like to see a part 2 to this, or maybe a more pricey version. Thanks to for collaborating with me (I do genuinely LOVE their cases, so remember to check them out and use my 20% discount code).


  1. Portable chargers are so handy and I agree, they're an absolute must for everyone! x


    1. Thanks for stopping by Sophie<3 Yes, you can never go wrong with a portable charger as a gift!

  2. These are such awesome ideas!! Love that rosewater face spray.

    xoxo! Elise

    1. Thanks Elise<3 Same, it's so refreshing and hydrating!

  3. I love the idea of the phone cases, they look so pretty xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

    1. They're beaut - such nice quality, and would make fab gifts<3

  4. Great ideas here, the phone cases are super cute too! I definitely agree with the portable chargers - they're so handy! I literally carry one around in my handbag anywhere I go.

    Chloe xx

  5. Lovely gift ideas and I know it's not exactly a Christmas post but it just seems so apt!

  6. That rosewater spray is a steaaaal! I'd heard about Beautybay being very affordable.


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