Trying Out Fashion Trends I've Always Been Afraid Of...!

Today, I've got a really fun fashion post, that I'm super excited about... Trying Out Fashion Trends + Styles I've Always Been Afraid To Wear. Recently, I was scrolling through Insta and saw a girl wearing (and very much pulling off!!) denim on denim. That had always been a trend I was scared to try, as I was pretty sure I would just look weird! But then I realised what a negative mindset that was... it suited her, why not try it on me?! So in this blog post, I'm trying out four different fashion styles that are a bit controversial, and I've always been afraid to try:)) I'm really happy with how a couple of these turned out (although keep reading for one very cringe-worthy outfit!!)

Styling a dress over a t-shirt

This trend is so simple, yet is something I have just never got round to trying out! However, I kept seeing it pop up on my Insta feed and everyone looked so cuteee. So, when planning for this post, I knew I had to try this trend out, it's intrigued me for a while, but I've never got round to wearing it.

This one turned out to be a really cute outfit (I actually posted this look on Insta and got loads of compliments!), and I'm soo happy I tried this out. (If you're wondering, my dress is from a charity shop and the t-shirt was just a PrettyLittleThing one, but you can't see the slogan!)

Denim on denim

This trend is not exactly a new, or unknown one, but still something I've never properly worn. Whenever deciding I was going to wear jeans, my denim jacket was just not an option to also wear, I had never even tried it on before. I have to admit, I kind of cheated with this one (!) as my jeans were very washed out and faded, so it didn't really look like denim on denim in the photo!!

So whilst I kind of failed with this trend as you can't see the dark typical denim colour in my jeans (!), it's not one I would dismiss trying with darker jeans another time (although according to this article I was just reading, wearing all the same colour is one of the double-denim don'ts!)

Pattern clash!
As soon as I picked out the clothing items I was trying out for this style, I knew it was going to look awful! Many pattern clashing looks end up being really cool, however mine was a definite fail - I look like I'm wearing pyjamas haha!

I don't want to dismiss the pattern-clash trend completely though... message me on Instagram (@whatlexieloves) or email photos of you trying out a pattern clash - I'd love some inspo!

For a veryyy long time, I have refused to wear all one colour of something (e.g. white tee and white jeans, even if the t-shirt has a pattern on!), because I have always, personally, thought it looked weirdddd !! but then I saw one of my fav Instagrammers (I actually can't remember who, sorry!!) post an all-black outfit, and it looked so cute. Here's my attempt at a cool all-black look:

I actually really like how this OOTD turned out in the photos, it looks really simple but cool. However, in real life, I didn't love how this looked and found the lack of colour made it look dull and uninspiring. I love my outfits to be unique and fun, not boring and black hahah which is why, chances are, I won't be returing to all-black soon (unless it's for a shoot.) * Disclaimer: I'm not saying black-on-black doesn't work for everyone, I've seen loads of people pull it off. But personally, I wasn't a fan of it on me. *

So those are my 4 outfits I've always been afraid of! I've learnt so much from this post and have found a new outfit (dress over tee) which I know I'll be wearing lots more. Just remember, fashion is an art and there are no rules. If you think denim-on-denim is a 'fashion no-no', try it out... you might be surprised. Also, everyone is different. If an outfit looked rubbish on me, but suits you then yay, don't feel like I'm judging or dismissing a whole trend for the last two, I'm just criticising it on me.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, and I've got a summer wrap-up coming soon, so watch out for that! What are trends YOU'VE always wanted to try, but have never got round to, or are a little afraid of?!
Lexie x


  1. Cute! I've always wanted to try a tee under a dress but I never have!!

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl

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  3. The top under a dress trend looks really good on you! I've always been scared to try that one too haha

    Loved the post!! xx

  4. I like the top under the dress xx

  5. How often do you post?

  6. That's sad you have been afraid to wear something, you should never be!! I personally have tried these many times and some of them have looked nice and some of them not so nice but I love to try out new trends and weird outfits!!

    Love, Veera


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