My Top 5 Favourite Makeup Products Of All Time

Hey! If you didn't already know, makeup is a huge passion of mine, but I realised the other day... I barely have any beauty related posts here on the blog!! So whilst I'm not converting into a beauty blog, I decided I definitely want to a few more makeup posts and thought today I'd share with y'all my Top 5 Holy Grail Makeup Products. These are the products I will purchase again and again, and will always recommend!

1. MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick

Yes, I know! This isn't exactly the most original recommendation to start with, but it's a super popular lipstick for a reason... The colour is stunning, suits pretty much all skin tones and can dress up a look so easily. I'm a huge fan of that classic, nude lip, but since I'm veeerrrryyy pale, I struggle to find ones that don't wash me out. I would definitely recommend heading to your nearest MAC + giving this a swatch if you haven't tried it before. Buy here:

2. Revolution X SophDoesNails Eyeshadow Palette (the first one)

I'm a huge eyeshadow palette junkie, so picking just one palette to include in this list was tough. However, in the end I had to choose bargain-of-the-century £10 palette by Revolution (and Youtuber SophDoesNails). I've only had this product a few months but it's a firm favourite (I need to buy her Extra Spice palette too!). It's got a range of stunning shades, including my classic golds and oranges, as well as a couple of crazier purples and greens. If you want a nice eyeshadow, but are on a budget, I highly recommend! (Unfortunately, I think this is only available for my UK readers). Buy here:

Image result for soph does nails palette
The SophDoesNails palette!! Photo creds to Superdrug:

3. MAC Face + Body Foundation

I am only 14, so I don't really like the idea of wearing a ridiculous, full-on, thick, high-coverage foundation. That's why Face + Body is perfect... it's the opposite of all those things! It's thin, light coverage, glowy and almost runny (but not in a bad way). It doesn't cover much at all, but if you just want a simple, lightweight base, this one is great! At £26 for the 50ml bottle, it's not exactly cheap (although for an extra £4 you can get 120ml, which is good value in comparison), however the good thing about MAC is you can always buy it, try it out and if you dislike it, return it (as long as it's not too heavily used). Buy here:

4. Tarte Creamy Matte Lip Paint in Namaste

I have to admit, I'm not the biggest fan of the shade I have (I do really like it, I just think there are shades that suit me better). However, this formula is INCREDIBLE. Last year, when liquid lipsticks became super popular, I didn't really understand the hype. Colourpop? Meh. Kylie Cosmetics? Wasn't too impressed. Hotel? Trivago. Then, I did a big Tarte order and just randomly treated myself to the Creamy Matte Liquid Lipstick. As the name suggests, it's so creamy and doesn't fully dry (which some people might find annoying, but I like), yet doesn't feel irritating on your lips. 10000% recommend! Buy here:

5. Seventeen Instant Glow Shimmer Brick

I love love love highlighters, and I was going to talk about the Becca one for this post (still want to give a shoutout to it... it's amazing!). However I realised, it's very pricey for what it is, and there's a gorgeous highlighting gem in the drugstore I love and needed to share with y'all... Seventeen's Instant Glow Shimmer Brick. I just searched this product up now to price-check, expecting it to be about £5 at the cheapest. It's currently on sale on the Boots website for a £1. ONE POUND! The other thing about this block, is it's also got two bronzer shades in (or blush shades, depending on whether you go for Gold Bronze or Pink Bronze), so is fab value for money.

So those are my Top 5 Go-To Makeup Products. If you'd like to see a part 2, I have lots of other products I would highly recommend, so please let me know down below. Do you like makeup? What are your all-time favourite products? Have you tried any of these? I'll be back soon!!

Lexie x



  1. Hey lovely, thanks for sharing your favourite makeup products. I must admit that Sophdoesnails palette is so good, it probably even is kind of similar to the quality of Urban Decay (i think). I love how you express yourself in your blogs, very chill and calm, kind of like chatting to a friend. Lovely, followed you :)

    Laura /

  2. Great post! :) I think these sound like some great products - the colors of that eyeshadow palette are totally up my alley. Thanks for sharing!
    -Jenna <3
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