How To Trick Your Brain Into Feeling Productive

Hi everyone! It's currently the summer holidaysssss (at least for me!), and whilst that may mean you're off on various adventures, for me and lots of people I know, that means Netflix. Food. Social media. Youtube. Sleep. Repeat. Whilst it's definitely good to chill sometimes, after a while that cycle of endless nothing-ness, can make you feel bad, lazy, unfulfilled and unproductive. So I have compiled a list of tasks you can do, in between your Netflix-binging and Insta-stalking, to trick your brain into feeling like you've been productive all dayyyy (when in reality you've been productive for about 10 minutes).

Do a cheeky little workout

Just go on to Youtube and find a simple 10 minute workout for beginners. There are so many good ones, and that will just help you feel a little more refreshed! Alternatively, just go outside and dance around to your favourite songs for 10 minutes or so. You'll definitely deserve a Netflix break after that!

Do some art!

Art has been proven to be very theruptic, but is also fun and productive. You don't have to be great at art for this to be effective, I'm certainly NOT! Try and steer away from digital art, as it's important to turn off your screens sometimes. Bonus points if you get out of the house to do this, go for a walk somewhere or even just go outside to your garden; fresh. air. is. so. important.

Buy new stationary

I’m not really sure why this one works, but it does! Whenever you buy new stationary, for most people, it makes you feel really motivated and organised. You can buy really cheap stationary from most supermarkets, but if you’re looking to splurge that bit more, there are some really gorgeous brands with great products. My personal fave is Kikki K, a pricey but stunning brand; I actually got a Goals Journal from there a couple days ago (blog post coming soon on reaching your goals - watch out!) and I definitely felt more pumped and productive.

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Have a mini picnic

Whether you do this with family, friends or even by yourself - clear your mind by having a mini picnic somewhere beautiful near your house, whether that's an open field, lake or your local park. Pack lots of your favourite healthier foods (when you eat healthier, you'll definitely feel more fulfilled), like avocados, smoothies and strawberries. Make sure you do leave room for some sweet treats too though!

Sell some old clothes/tech/anything else on eBay, Depop etc

This one is a double-whammie!! Not only does it clear out things that you don't use anymore, making your life less cluttered, you also get money for it; win-win situation!

Deep clean!

Yes. I know. Tidying your room may not be the way you want to spend your weekend or summer holiday, but it’s productive, worth-while and ends in you having a lovely tidy living space. If you don’t really feel like tidying your room, and can’t be bothered, I definitely recommend watching some ‘aesthetic room tours’ on YouTube and it will definitely inspire you. (Just don’t get sucked into the endless rabbit hole that is YouTube!) And once your done, you’ll have a clean room;) (If you don’t get bored half way through and give up hehe #guilty)

Go on a bike ride:)

I feel like I talk about cycling all the time on my blog haha but that’s because it’s a great, healthy, fun thing to do! As long as you have a bike, this is a relaxing way to exercise and get out of the house. You can always reward yourself by cycling to your nearby cafe;)


So those are my top tips to tricking your brain into thinking you were productive all day (when these activities only take from just 5 minutes to an hour). I’m definitely guilty of having days where all I did was watch Netflix and eat hahha, but as fun as it is, after a while it always makes me feel awful! Therefore, I know I’ll be coming back to this post and using these activities:)

What do you do to feel productive? Are you generally a productive person, or do struggle to find motivation most days?

I’ll be back soon with another post! ♡
Lexie x

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