Holiday Photography - My Barbados Travel Diary

If you didn't know, I actually got back from my family holiday to Barbados yesterday! We went for 10 days and I honestly had such a fun, relaxing break. I took lots of lovely photos, and thought I'd share them in a photo diary sort of thing:) But first, I just wanted to briefly talk about Ariana's new album, Sweetener.. I'm lovingggg it! My faves are probably REM, No Tears Left To Cry and God Is A Woman, but I actually love them all - what are your favourites? I also just bought the NTLTC sweater and I'm so excited for it to arrive!! Anyways, without further ado, onto my photo travel diary...

camera - iPhone 6s
8th August - 6:50 am
This was the morning of our first full day in Barbados! We woke up super early due to jetlag, and thought we should make the most of it by going to the beach to watch the end of the sunrise. We went for a really lovely walk and it was so much fun. I also, obviously, took a few photos of me, so here's one of my faves!

camera - iPhone 6s
8th August - 8:50 am
This was the stunning view from our room's balcony! We weren't quite sure what to expect in terms of our hotel room, so when we walked in and saw we had that stunning sea view, we were so delighted.

camera: my dad's random phone (don't know the name sorry!)
8th August - 3:30pm
Every day, our hotel had some sort of 'thing?!' going on outside one of the hotels (e.g. giving out snow cones, mocktails etc) and on our first day, there was this guying slashing open coconuts and handing them out! It was so cool, and I couldn't resist not taking a photo.

camera: iPhone 6s
9th August - 5:54
Soooo.. today I was loving my dress (from PrettyLittleThing by the way), and the lighting was looking cute so I forced asked my sister to come out to the beach with me and do a lil photoshoot before dinner for Insta!! (Fun fact, we were out shooting for 30 minutes straight and we took 117 photos hahaha. We also got a cute pink ice cream we didn't want hahah for the aesthetic. #doitforthegram #dedicated). If you're from my Instagram you might already recognise this photo;) but yah, I really like it:)*
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camera: Nikon d80
12th August - 1:16pm
One of the days, my family and I went to Crystal Cove, the sister hotel to the one we were staying at (Turtle Beach) to check it out! It was also so lovely, and the pool was so gorgeous, I knew I wanted to snap a couple pics. Isn't the colour of the pool stunning?!!

camera: iPhone 6s

13th August - 10:17am
On the 13th, my family and I went to Harrison's Caves, these incredible, naturally formed caves filled with crystals. It was so insane, and I'd definitely recommend checking it out if you ever go to Barbados. Unfortunately, all my photos turned out rubbish, so here's just one of me waiting to go in. But if you want to see what it was like, just google Harrison's Caves Barbados and look at the images that show up (they do look a little... weird... hahahah, you'll see what I mean) :)

camera: Nikon d80
13th August - 3:20pm
After going to Harrison's Caves, we went to Bottom Bay, a gorgeous beach on the east coast that my friend's mum had recommended. It was really hard to find, but that meant that it was really peaceful and only filled with locals (at least when we were there!)....

camera: Nikon d80
13th August - 3:35pm
..... and we met this really love guy who sold us drinks out of coconuts he had climbed up trees to get. I've always wanted to get the perfect shot of a local doing something they loved so I was really happy with this shot. I would 10000% recommending visiting Bottom Bay if you ever go to Barbados.

 camera: iPhone 6s
15th August - 2:48pm
Our hotel was holding a Family Fun Day on the 15th and that meant there was facepainting, a bouncy castle and even a petting zoo for the kids (def aimed at 5 year olds not a teenager like myself but can't so no to a good ol bouncy castle amirite!!) :) I went a long and held all sorts of amazing animals, like a snake, turtles and even an iguana.

camera: iPhone 8+
17th August - 1:30pm
After lunch on our last full day:(((, I was reading my book - a dreamy YA romance called A Sky Painted Gold (review coming soon!) and we had to take a couple of shots for the Instagram. I love holiday reading, what about you? I'm also reading Cait (Paper Fury)'s A Thousand Perfect Notes and I'm really enjoying it so far. IT'S SO CUTE!

SO... those are my favourite photos from this holiday, along with a little description of what we were doing:) I hope you liked seeing my photography, which photo was your fave? Mine are probably 4 + 7 <3 Do you like my photography posts? Did you go anywhere or do anything fun this summer? Let me know in the comments below!

Lexie x


  1. These are some great pictures, it looks like an amazing trip!

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