Get To Know Me Better - Q+A

So today's post, I thought it would be fun to do another Q+A!! These aren't the most unique, original posts, but I really enjoy reading them and it's a great way for y'all to get to know me better. So, I asked you guys over on Instagram (@whatlexieloves) if you could comment and DM me questions, and I'm going to be answering them in today's post:) *I did receive quite a few questions, so I won't be able to answer all of them<3

Where do you mostly shop?

My wardrobe really varies, but I do have a lot of clothes from New Look and H&M - as they are fairly affordable and easily accessible to me!! However, my favourite shops are Urban Outfitters, Brandy Melville, Nasty Gal, Primark and Bershka, as they all do super-cute clothes:)

Do you have any ideas of what you'd take for A-Level?

*If you don't live in the UK and don't know what A-Levels are, they are high-level exams you study for and take when you're around 16-18. You only study 3 or 4 subjects at this point, which you choose, and they're what most universities look at when reviewing your application*

Obviously I'm not 100% sure yet, as I'm still a few years off A-level, however I constantly think about it haha!! At the moment, I would say English + History and then either Maths, Economics, Drama or Philosophy, and I think I'd be vey content with my school life just studying those subjects:) I often think about the future, and I love the idea of just studying 3 or 4 subjects that I love.

Favourite place that you have visited?

Ooo probably Thailand, LA or Boston! They're all so different to my everyday scenery, but I love them all so much:) Thailand is a gorgeous country, with amazing wildlife, stunning beaches and busy cities. And then LA and Boston are right up my street as interesting, unique, bustling cities. (LA or Boston are my dream places to live). I'd love to go back to all of them, as I've only ever been to those places once. :(
Thailand!! (my photo)

What are your favourite pastime activites?

I like to do a lot of different things, but my favourites are blogging and reading (duh!), watching Netflix and Youtube (duh!), doing makeup and jamming out to music on my trampoline.*

*I call it 'dancing' but it's more like me prancing around and singing at the top of my lungs

How do you come up with your Instagram captions?

I would say my captions aren't the most unique, I just focus on making them relevant and informative. Normally, I just say what is going on in the photo, anything significant that has happened in my life lately and updates on my blogging and Instagram (eg if I have a new post) :)
I do also include lots of hashtags, as they are a great way for new people to find your account! (Although make sure the hashtags relate to the post!)

Fav food?

Pizza, carbonara, chicken tikka masala, brownies, cookies and bread!! I'm not the healthiest hahahahah:)

What made you want to start your blog?

I saw a TV show featuring a child blogger, and the whole idea of having your very own website and writing on it for people to enjoy and read seemed so cool to little me!! So I asked my mum if I could start a blog, and she let me:) I've always loved talking, entertaining peopleand the Internet so it's the perfect hobby.


So those are all the questions I'm going to answer in today's post!! If you have any other questions you didn't ask/didn't get featured, comment down below and I'll answer them:) Hopefully this lil random Q+A was interesting and I'll be back on Tuesday with a book review<3

Lexie x


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    Could u do a part 2 with the rest of the questions you didn’t get to answer?


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