Fun Summer Activities for Teenagers and Kids

Hi everyone! So as of last Friday, it is officially summer break for me!! This means that I now have a lovely 6 weeks off school coming up to relax (and hopefully get stuff done!). However, from previous years I know that this time can often lead to days of boredom and unproductivity. So for all of you on summer break now, I have put together a list of some fun Summer Activities for Teenagers to enjoy alone, with family or with friends. (And if you're not on school break right now, I'm sure some of these will still be useful ideas for weekends.)

Have a smoothie contest

You can do this with siblings or a group of friends, but just get together with others and try and think of the wackiest, coolest smoothies, and then actually make them!! You can then get a parent or somebody else to taste them all, and pick a winner. (This post here actually has some great unique smoothie recipes).


Again, this can be done with friends or family. One warm day, make loads of dens outside using duvets and bedsheets, then blast out some music and have your own mini festival. You can also do things like have bonfires or BBQs to really get everyone in the spirit! And you get to do each other's festival makeup before hand, which I personally love.

Go on a bike ride!

This one is a great option as it's really easy and as long as you have a bike, free. And you can do it alone (I do love just clearing my mind when I'm stressed by going on a bike ride), with friends or family. And it's a great way to exercise and get a bit of fresh air:)

I actually went on a bike ride with my siblings yesterday evening, and it was so fun and refreshing.

Thrifting in charity or vintage shops

I know in the UK we don't actually have 'thrift' shops, but we can go to charity shops. This can be done alone or with friends, just go to your nearest second-hand shops and find some cool items. If you want, you can always do a little fashion show afterwards.

Strawberry picking

I know some people won't be near somewhere where they can do this, but if you do, strawberry (or other fruit) picking is a really simple, cute and fun idea to do this summer. Not only can you get some great shots for the Insta feed haha, but it's also genuinely fun (and = food at the end of it, which is a bonus).

Crazy golf

This isn't the most unique idea, but I know it doesn't necessarily spring to most people's minds when you think of 'fun activities for the summer', however I know from the past, that it's actually a really fun thing to do (and brings out a competitive streak in many!)

Learn a new language

Yes, 'learning' does remind many people of school, and even though the holidays are a time to escape from school, it's never a bad thing to learn a new skill. I really want to learn sign language this summer, I'm not really sure why to be honest!! Just make the most of all your free time and sign up to an online course (there's loads of good, free ones that can teach you a variety of different languages).

Start a blog or YouTube channel!!

If you don't already run a blog or Youtube channel, and you'd like to start one, summer break is a great time to. They do take a lot of hard work and dedication, but they are so so worthwhile and fun!

Make your own pizza

Everyone loves pizza! (Except my weird best friend like WHO ARE YOU?!) But except from her hehe, so why not host a make your own pizza sesh at your house. Buy loads of yummy toppings before hand (NOT anchovies*) and see who can make the quirkiest.. but tastiest pizza. Should be a great laugh (as well as ending in you eating pizza, which is always a win!)

*they are so so disgusting eww

Go to a farm or zoo

Bring out your inner child and have fun running around at a farm or zoo, seeing all the different animals!


SO those were some fun activities for kids and teenagers to enjoy this summer! Are you on summer holidays? Do you have any plans? What else would you add to my list? I hope this post was helpful, and I'll be back soon with another post:)
Lexie x
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  1. A den fest, learning new languages, and making your own pizza sound so fun! I also second your point about going on a bike ride. Not only is it fun, but it's cathartic and you're staying healthy!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | Story-Eyed

  2. Those all sound super fun! The Den-fest one sounds like so cool haha I might have to do that sometime.

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl


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