Things To Do In London... with kids and teenagers

Hi everyone!! A couple of days ago, my mum took my siblings and I up to London for the day, and we had a really lovely time. London is a beautiful, busy city with plenty of things to do, but I had to do quite a bit of research and weeding through articles before I found fun things for us to do (normally my mum plans our day trips to London, but this time I did haha). However, in the end the activities we chose were really fun, and made for a great day trip. So in this blog post, I will be sharing with you what we do and other fun activities to do in London... with kids and teenagers.

Peggy Porschen Cake Shop -

The first thing we did, was get the tube to Victoria before walking for a few minutes to get to Peggy Porschens, a beautiful cake shop. This is a great thing to stop and do for half an hour or so, and it's great for all the family.. because who doesn't love cake?! I had a brownie, and whilst it's all fairly pricey, it was delicious. And whilst little ones may not appreciate how pretty the shop is, if you have teenagers they'll be taking heaps of photos for Instagram!! Beware: This cake shop is fairly popular and 'tourist-y', so sometimes they'll be a small queue outside the shop, if you want to eat in. The waitress said it would be around half an hour, but we got a table within 5 minutes. Go the website here, for more details.

St James Park and Buckingham Palace

This is definitely not the most unique thing to do whilst in London (!!), but it's still fun and interesting, particularly for younger ones. Firstly, we went to have a little look at Buckingham Palace, and then went for a walk in the lovely St James Park. Also, Hamleys is fairly near Buckingham Palace, so you could get a taxi there (or even walk it if you wanted!).

Museum of London -

I have to admit, I'm not really one for museums haha, but I found the London Nights expedition (info about it on their website is here), and I thought it actually sounded like my cup of tea. Basically, the expedition is full of gorgeous photography of London at night, and whilst littler ones may not be that interested in that expedition (although there are other ones like Fatberg that children may find cool), I found it really inspiring and motivating.

Zip Now (London) -

This isn't an activity my family and I actually tried out (although I definitely want to at some point), and I've seen mixed reviews on it, so maybe do your own research first, but my friend went to Zip Now in London and said it was really fun. Zip Now is basically London's longest zip line at 225 metres. Younger ones may be too scared for this, and I've heard there's quite a bit of queuing, but for teenagers this is an exhilarating and exciting activity many would love. Note: this is around £30pp so obviously a much pricier activity for all the family!

Va Piano for dinner -

After we'd had our great day out, my family and I where actually heading to Va Piano for dinner.* This is a delicious Italian restaurant which has three branches in London (as well as other branches in the UK and across Europe) and we've been there multiple times before (it's literally my favourite restaurant ever!!). My siblings and I all had the carbonara, and I would recommend it so much... it's honestly the best carbonara ever (and that's saying something, as I've tried a lot!!) The cool thing about Va Piano, is that you can actually go up and watch the chefs making your food, and chat to them as they prepare it (e.g. you can say 'ooh can I have a bit more cheese' or 'could I have chicken as well as bacon' etc etc) - meaning it's just how you like it!

*The meal was complimentary for my family, as a thank you for a previous mention, not to be featured in this post (I'm just including them because their food is amazing haha!!)... all opinions are completely my own.

So there you have it... lots of fun things you can do with kids and teenagers out in London. Have you been to London before? Do you have any other fun things to do in London that you'd add to this list - comment them down below as I'd love to hear them for any future trips. Thanks for reading everyone, and I'll be back soon with a new post <33
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  1. Sounds like you planned a lovely day out for you and your family! The cake shop looks so good, I'd love to go there one day. I've also heard it's quite busy so it's good you got seated within 5 minutes!


  2. Oh, I've wanted to go to Peggy Porschen for years! I'm glad you had fun; I'll definitely have to go this summer!

    Rhianna x

  3. That shop sounds so cute! If I ever go to London I will make sure to check out this post. :)

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl

  4. That Italian restaurant sounds really good! I haven't been to London or anywhere in Europe yet, but I hope to make a trip some day to visit some friends who live in the UK, Germany, and Spain!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | Ups & Downs (but now at Story-Eyed!)


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