Top 5 Family-Friendly Restaurants Around The World

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a couple of weeks - I've been away with my family, and didn't have much time to write blog posts (or any ideas of what to write!), but now I'm back and motivated again, so today I'm going to be sharing with you my Top 5 Favourite Restaurants From Around The World. These restaurants I have picked out are located in all different places - Thailand, Las Vegas, the UK, France and Boston, and I highly rate all of them. And obviously since I'm a child myself and dined in all of these with my family, they are all family-friendly restaurants, with kids menus (at time of dining).

Max Brenner - Boston, USA (and other locations in the USA, Russia, Israel, Japan and Australia).

My family and I went to Max Brenner 5 years ago, when we were on holiday in Boston, Massachusetts. I actually did a blog post on it, which was one of the first posts I ever did, and the title was 'The most extraordinary, unusual but cool restaurant ever.' And 9 year old me was right!! Max Brenner is the weirdest but coolest restauarant I have ever been to. Basically everything in Max Brenner is related to chocolate - there are pipes carrying chocolate around the restaurant and jars of chocolates and sprinkles decorate the walls. I had chicken nuggets (which were sprinkled with cocoa powder, much to the delight of little me (although don't worry parents - you couldn't really taste it!!)) but the dessert was the best thing. I had the 'sugar star landscape waffle' which 5 years later is still on the menu!! It's basically a waffle, ice-cream, chocolate sauce, gummy bears and strawberries and was amazing! This is one of the most family-friendly restaurants on the list and I would 100% recommend to families visiting Boston (or any of the other locations listed here:

TIP: Save room for dessert - as I'm sure you can imagine, they are amazing!

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Dr Frogs - Chaweng, Thailand

We had this meal a couple of years ago when my family went to Thailand in the summer. One night while we were in Koh Samui, Chaweng - an island off of the mainland - we went to Dr Frogs, a lovely Italian bar and grill. The first thing we noticed when we seated were the stunning views - Dr Frogs is located right on the beach, and has massive open windows so you can watch the ocean as you eat. The atmosphere of Dr Frogs in another great thing about it - they have live music playing for most/all of the meal, but not too loud that it drowns out any conversations. My little siblings and I, once we had finished eating, actually got up on the stage with the musician and starting dancing - which was really fun. And obviously, I wouldn't be recommending it if the food wasn't good; we all had pizzas, which were delicious, although they also offer Thai cuisine, if you'd prefer a more fitting and authentic meal to the location. This is on the pricier side of Thai restaurants, but in my opinion (although I'm not the one paying hahaah so I don't know if I'm really eligible to have an opinion!!) it was definitely worth it.

TIP: Book in advance if possible! I'm sure you can get a table if you walk-in, but it's quite popular, and you may not get an ocean view that way, so I'd recommend booking if you can.

Va Piano - London, England (and other locations around the UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Poland and other countries in Europe - see here:

This is one a little closer to home for me, and unlike the others, I have been several times. Va Piano is another Italian restaurant chain with multiple stores around Europe, although is a little quirkier than any other Italian restaurants I can think of. Basically when you order your food, instead of telling a waiter or waitress your order, you queue to tell the chefs your order and watch them cook it in front of you so you can make sure it's just how you want. For example, I ordered a carbonara, but wanted chicken not bacon and extra cheese, so I just asked the chef that and watched him as he made it. However there is a slight flaw with Va Piano, as you stand whilst you take turns to order your food, it means in a family one meal will be ready and it'll be quite a while before the last meal is finally read - so bear that in mind, particularly with young children. However WOW, the food makes up for it!! My carbonara was honestly insane... probably the best carbonara I have ever had (and being someone who pretty much always just orders carbonara or pizza from restaurants... that is saying something)!

TIP: The portions are absolutely huge!! Ask for half-portions, and if you're a teen debating on whether to get the kids' menu or not, I'd recommend getting the children's portion (even that I couldn't eat, and I do have a big appetite).


Mon Ami Gabi - Las Vegas, USA (and other locations in the USA - see here:

Mon Ami Gabi is a French bistro chain located in the USA. We visited the Las Vegas branch when we did our California and Nevada roadtrip this time last year (wow I miss it so much) and ended up eating there twice out of three nights! We chose Mon Ami Gabi as we were dining with our grandparents and aunt who had specific dining requirements (one pescetarian, and one vegetarian who was gluten free) and it had meals that suited them. I moaned a little because 'French bistro' didn't appeal to me but looking back I can appreciate we found a real gem (and if you know your kids/you will moan about it being a French bistro, it does have all the usual burger, mac+cheese, chicken nuggets etc. kids' menu that will appeal to most fussy eaters). There are two things that stuck out for me about the meal and made it special. Firstly, the location - we, by chance, got a lovely outside seat which had an amazing view of the Strip (it's opposite the Bellagio) and that really made the meal special. And secondly, my steak! I ordered steak and it was so good, it was what I ordered the second night when we returned. If you like steak and you do go to Mon Ami Gabi, it would definitely be my recommendation!!

TIP: Request an outdoor seat, preferably with a view of the Strip.

La Maison Bleue - Sainte Maxime, France

La Maison Bleue is actually a restaurant I was at just a couple days ago, as I just got back from a short break in France. It is a restaurant specialising in French cuisine and seafood and is a firm family favourite for whenever we go to the South of France. The atmosphere is lovely - a mix of locals and tourists - and the servers are always friendly (plus they can speak pretty good English, which is a plus!). Like I said above, they do also have an option for fussier children (like myself) who won't be wanting seafood or French dining for dinner - we always have chicken and pasta, simple but yummy!

TIP: The fries are delicious - we'd recommend you get a portion for the table if your meal doesn't include them.


So those are my Top 5 Favourite Family-Friendly Restaurants Around The World:) Have you been to any? What restaurants would you put in your Top 5?



  1. I was about to go to sleep and then I saw you published this, so I just stayed up a little extra to read hahah!! Great post - I actually live near a Va Piano but I've never been; might have to check it out now, particularly if the carbonara is the best you've ever had<3


  2. Those sound so cool! A whole restaurant related to chocolate sounds amazing!

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl

  3. Great, now I'm all hungry and full of wanderlust! I definitely want to go to all of these someday!


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