My Top 5 Favourite Teen Bloggers

Hey!! So lately, I've been discovering lots more amazing blogs (particularly through Instagram), which are written by teens. In the past, particularly when I was first starting What Lexie Loves up, I struggled to find other teens and kids with blogs, so for today's post I thought I would share with you a roundup some of my favourite lifestyle, fashion and review blogs written by teens. These are some of the top blogs by under 18 year olds, that I think all teens should follow. Do you know any other awesome Gen-Z bloggers that you would recommend? Let me know, as I'm always on the look out for cool, new child bloggers:) Anyway - let's just get into the post; here are my Top 5 Favourite Teen Bloggers...

Taiya Maddison |

Taiya Maddison is one of my all-time favourite teen bloggers, even though I only came across her blog a couple months ago. Her blog is so well-thought out; it has a super cute design, she publishes high-quality and interesting posts really often (I don't know how she does it!!) and her Instagram is ACTUAL GOALS! Taiya's blog is based around lifestyle and fashion, so she writes lots of posts like fashion tips, her early 2000s playlist which she is currently obsessed with (sidenote - SAME, I'm obsessed with my throwback playlist too at the moment, our playlists are literally identical!!) and fashion trends she can't wait to try.

how gorgeous is her feed?!!
Hot Town Cool Girl |

Hot Town Cool Girl is this awesome blog by Nabila, a 13 year old from Texas. Nabila is just so lovely ahh and one of my best blogger friends<333 Hot Town Cool Girl is, similar to my blog, a mix of everything and anything, it doesn't really specialise in one niche, but branches out to lots - Nabila does reviews, writes a little poetry, shares all the cool things she's been up to, gives advice and so much more! If you're looking for a new blog to check out (or are parent wanting to give your children a blog to read), I would definitely recommend Hot Town Cool Girl!

Capturing Life On Camera |

Natalie, who writes Capturing Life On Camera, is just such a #GIRLBOSS! Her blog and Instagram are literal goals (her design is so cute - minimalistic and aesthetic, and all her posts are well-written and so relevant and useful to me.) And, like Taiya, she posts so regularly, and with gorgeous photos, HOW DO THEY DO IT hahahah?!1!1? Also, Natalie is from NYC, which is just one of the coolest places to live (in my opinion) - I want to visit NY so badly!!

Absolutely Olivia |

I love Olivia and her blog so much! Firstly, her style is just the coolest!! She's so bold and unique wth her fashion, in such a confident way - she inspires me to go out and rock quirky outfits that I wouldn't normally. Obviously I don't know her in real life, but she just seems like such a sweet and genuine gal! She's also so empowering, particularly when it comes to girl power - she recently did a small project about feminism, which I took part in, and you can check out here. I love her fashion and lifestyle blog so much too, her latest post is a 'How To Find Your (Girl) Squad' and it's got loads of useful friendship tips, which I recommend you checking out, if you're in a toxic friendship right now, or just want to make some new friends.

February Fairy |

Ok first of all, I just wanted to say I love the name 'February Fairy'; I think it's so cute haha!! February Fairy, written by Ella Marie, is an advice and lifestyle blog "helping girls learn to live fully and embrace their inward beauty". If you're looking for a motivating lifestyle blog, written by a lovely person, then February Fairy is the place to go! Alsooo, Ella's a writer - she completed her goal of 40,000 words for Camp NaNo this month ON HER FIRST TRY (!!) - so she has some posts on writing, with tips and tricks, like this one.

So those were my Top 5 Under-18 bloggers that I recommend. Of course, if you're new to my blog - then I'm also a teenage lifestyle blogger haha, so stick around (haha I couldn't do a post on teen bloggers, and not mention me #shameless #selfpromo!!) If you liked this post, I know of loads of other amazing teenage bloggers so I could do a part 2?? Who are your favourite teens to read?


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  1. I LOVE THIS POST! <3 I would love to see more posts like this because I am always looking for new blogs to check out. :)

    xx Kenzie |

  2. THANKS FOR THE FEATURE GIRL!! It means so much to be one of your fav teen bloggers, and thank you for all the super nice things you wrote about me. I love ALL of these bloggers as well, they all bring something unique to the table :) Also, I've only ever visited your site on my phone, but am on a laptop right now, and the design is so so good! Thanks again <3

  3. Ahh this is such a cool post and I definitely want to check out these fabulous bloggers! I started off as a teen and it was so fun and the community was lovely and encouraging. :D

  4. Ahhhhhh thank you so so much Lexie!! It makes me so happy you like my blog. :) Also yes I would love more posts like this!


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