Interview with Hailey from The Hardworking Creative

Hi everyone! So today I'm really excited as I'm going to be sharing with you an interview with the amazing and talented Hailey from The Hardworking Creative. I'm not really going to introduce Hailey much as she does that herself in the interview haha, but let's just say she's a pretty awesome and inspiring woman....

Could you introduce yourself, and The Hardworking Creative, a little bit?

My name is Hailey Hudson and I'm a young author, blogger and freelance writer based around Atlanta, GA, USA. I also work for a non-profit that tutors refugee kids, and I coach 8U softball. The Hardworking Creative is a website/brand that I launched on March 1st, 2018 - it's geared around giving young creatives the tools they need to make their dreams their reality.

What made you create and launch THC?

I realized that there was a void in my life of young creatives who were working hard to reach their goals, just like I was - so when I created THC, I wanted to create a place to find those creatives and collaborate with them.

What is your advice to someone with a dream, who doesn't know how to reach their goal?

Research and then work. When I was fifteen, I decided I wanted to play softball. I had never played any sports before - in fact, I had barely even worked out before. So I got online, did hours of research, and then practiced every single day. A year after I touched a softball for the first time, I had college coaches interested in me. I applied this same formula of research and work when I began freelance writing, and it worked again.

Where do you hope the future will take THC?

I hope THC soon has an enormous community of young creatives who can inspire each other! I plan on expanding into merchandise, an ebook, and a job board where creatives can find remote jobs from reputable employers.

What are your personal ambitions - where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In ten years, I'll be 29. I see myself working as a full-time author and freelance fitness writer, coaching a travel softball team, and living in a cute little apartment in north Georgia with a couple of rescue dogs.

Favourite food (haha had to throw it in!!)

Cheesecake or pineapple (basically, any kind of dessert or any kind of fruit!).

How would you describe yourself in 3 words (other than The Hardworking Creative haha!!)

Determined, caring and organized.


So that's the interview! Thank you so much Hailey for letting me interview you and share The Hardworking Creative with my readers. As somebody who always has big dreams, but is currently going through a stage of viewing them negatively - 'like that's actually going to happen,' and 'but I want to be realistic' are two phrases I (as sad as it is to admit) can often be found saying in these past few months - I know THC is a website that will help me a lot. If you'd like to check out The Hardworking Creative, you can visit the website here:, follow them on Instagram:, visit Hailey's personal blog: or check out THC on Twitter: Thanks once again Hailey!!



  1. The Hardworking Creative came into my life just when I needed it. <3 Great interview, Lexie and Hailey!

    xx Kenzie |

  2. I absolutely love the hard working creative! Awesome interview Lexie! :)


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