February Recap

Hola Lexicans! So today is the second day of March.. oOf I actually cannot believe the second month of 2018 is over already - it feels like the first two months have just gone by in a flash (is it just me??!!). So since February is over now and y'all always seem to love my Monthly Favourites/Update/Recap/Ramble/{insert here whatever this post turns out to be} hahaha* I thought why not share with you guys a little recap of how my February has been, what I've been up to etc. etc.

*also don't worry I meant to leave that in.. it wasn't a mental note-to-self I forgot to change when editing ahaha but instead an attempt to be witty.. it failed.. ik ik.. fIGHT ME**
**please don't actually i'm a weakling with no strength who lowkey*** practically lives off bread rolls and dairy milk oreo
***sidenote: for some reason I say lowkey so much lately aha

Friends (the show)

Ok.. so Friends came onto Netflix UK right around the end of 2017 and I'd wanted to watch it for a while, so I figured yess this is finally my chance!! And then I forgot and I didn't watch it.. Until early February when two of my bestfriends had started watching it and where talking about it loads sooo being the person I am, not wanting to be left out, I started watching it. and less than a month later.. I've kinda finished it. shhhhh I KNOW I KNOW 10 seasons in less than a month is bad, but the show is soo good aha. Have you watched Friends? Who are your favourite characters? Mine are (in order from favourite to least fav): Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Joey, Phoebe and Ross (controversial order I know ahah!!).
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Goodbye, Perfect and A Spoonful Of Murder released

Lots of great books were launching this month, including two I was lucky enough to have already read. Goodbye, Perfect, a YA novel by Sara Barnard was released (you can read my review of it here: on the 8th, and it's a great book all about the power of a close friendship. And A Spoonful Of Murder by the lovely Robin Stevens was also released. ASOM is the 6th book in the very popular Murder Most Unladylike series for 8-13 year olds and I also really enjoyed it (you can check out my review here:

Waterstones Children's Book Prize 2018 shortlist announced

Early February, Waterstones announced their shortlist for the annual Waterstones Children's Book Prize. This year, I have only read 2 books on the shortlist so far (Ink by Alice Broadway and Goldfish Boy by Lisa Thompson) but I plan to read a few more leading up to the ceremony. You can see the full shortlist here:

Lack of posts??

I'm really really disappointed with the lack of blog posts I have uploaded in February - normally I aim for around 5-6 posts a month, but I only posted 2..! I'm not sure why this is, although I would guess it's partly because I've been watching Friends, and when I watch a TV show I often don't get much else done until I've finished (whoops!!), and I know it's really bad. However, I'm planning on getting the amount of posts back up to usual again this month:)


sO IT SNOWED (also I know the main days of it snowing were in March, so I'm kind of cheating here - but there was some at the end of Feb too)!! Despite being cold so often, England doesn't actually get snow that often so when the forecasts started saying that snow was planned, I did get quite excited. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of snow itself (because it's cold and inconvenient - plus it's March and I thought summer was coming:( ) but I like all the pros that come with it, like the fact that I'm missing school today (and did so yesterday) because of the snow!! I took a few photos yesterday and I'm planning on taking some more today in the snow, so make sure you're following my Instagram @whatlexieloves to see those at some point;)


So those are some of the random things that happened this month!! Did you have a good February? And let me know if you like Friends as well!! I'll be back soon with a post as part of a book tour, so make sure you're there for that;)



  1. Just started watching friends and it's so good! Also congrats on the snow!! I've only seen snow once or twice but I love it. :)

  2. I'm currently on season two of Friends (first time watcher, probably will finish seasons two and three within the next two weeks) but it's so hilarious, oh my gosh. Currently, Rachel is still being super salty about Julie... Also, just schedule a ton of posts. Seriously, it will not hurt to have a surplus. xD

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs


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