Winter Photography

Hola Lexicans!! SO it's now February (already ahhh what - it seems to me like January has flown past; how are we already in the second month of the year???!) and I thought since winter is coming to an end (soon..ish!!) I would share with you some photos I have taken in the past winter months. Y'all seem to love my photography posts and I took quite a few photos this month that I actually like so, even though winter isn't over quite yet, I have rounded up 9 pictures that I like from this winter.

Also before I get into the photos, if you like seeing my photography I do have a blog Instagram, which you can find at @whatlexieloves, or if you follow the link here:, which I'd love some of you to follow:) I post lots of different photos on a regular basis, and I'd love to see some of you over there (#shamelessselfpromo #sorrynotsorry ahahaha). Anyway that said, here are my photos:

On Bonfire Night, my friends and I went to a big firework display and whilst technically I didn't take this photo mid-firework (I took a video and screenshotted at this point hehe), I find this photo so cute I wanted to share it with you anyway.

Fairly self-explanatory photo here - it's a shot of my mini Christmas tree in my room:) (by the way this is the only edited photo, and it's just because I took it on Snapchat and I couldn't resist not adding that classic bluey "tumblr" filter ahah!!
This was taken in October (and I know I know, that's very much in autumn dON'T ATTACK ME, but I wanted to share it with y'all anyway because I really like it) and it's a cute lil shot of one of my bestfriends (hey girl if you're reading!) on the way to Costa.

Took this photo whilst Christmas tree shopping last December, and I really like the way the sun illuminates the trees:)

iT SNOWED.. yep last December, it actually snowed (wooooo) and I took this photo outside my window of the beautiful winter wonderland.

another snow day picture:)

This photo was taken at the beautiful Landmark Hotel, which my family and I went to on Boxing Day for brunch - isn't the hotel and architecture so beautiful?!

I took this photo last week, and it was actually a really lovely day - I love it because it reminds me that winter isn't always cold, grey and miserable!

And the final shot:) This was actually taken yesterday when I went on a walk with my family. I was trying to be all artsy and aesthetic ahah but it didn't really work:p The writing is a page from my little notebook where I do all kinds of weird things, like writing the definitions of words, or drawing a single cactus in watercolour ahah but I thought it actually looked kind of cute tbh!!

So there's are some of the photographs I took over the last few months (mainly winter, but also a couple in autumn too hehe)!! Do you like photography? Which of my photos is your favourite? I'll be back soon byeeee (p.s super unrelated but I started watching Friends for the first time and yES LOVING IT)



  1. I absolutely love photography! Awesome photos!

  2. i love these pictures - the snow is so beautiful. (i definitely don't get snow in australia, so i find it really cool) keep up the great photography work!

    also, i've nominated you for the liebster award (if you'd like to do it):

    - charli :))

  3. Lool I searched Landmark Hotel on google, I was confused by the palm trees. Love the photography it's really got a nice vibe, I feel you on the Winter thing xxx

  4. I wish it snowed where I lived, these photos look so magical! This is a really cute post! Love it!


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