A Spoonful Of Murder by Robin Stevens (REVIEW)

Hola Lexicans! So today I'm back with a very exciting post - a book review on the new Murder Most Unladylike book, A Spoonful Of Murder by the lovely Robin Stevens. If you haven't heard of the Murder Most Unladylike series yet, they are basically a murder mystery series set in the 1930s following two teenager detectives who go to boarding school together, aimed at 9-13 year olds. I, my sister and many of my friends, have been fans of this series for a while now - at least a year and a half, so when I heard that the 6th book in the series was coming soon I FREAKED OUT. aND THEN.. I was actually lucky enough to be sent the 6th book (A Spoonful Of Murder) a couple of weeks ago, so I thought I'd do a review now (as, unsurprisingly, I really enjoyed it).

The story begins with Hazel's grandfather passing away and her going back to her home in Hong Kong, to grieve with her family (and Daisy, who comes along to support her). But once they are there Hazel realises there's another member of the family she didn't know about, but as happy as Hazel knows she should be for this new arrival, she just can't help but feel angry, upset and replaced. And then when murder strikes, and someone goes missing, the duo aren't just there at the scene of the crime; Hazel is also being framed for the murder, and the two have the solve the mystery, before it's too late...
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I found the premise of the book really interesting, as I haven't read much set in Hong Kong, so I was excited to read about the setting, culture and traditions. Whilst I've never been there (yet - I'd love to visit), so I cannot confirm whether Robin made an accurate representation, it created this idea of a bright, vivid, colourful country which I've heard is very much correct, and I learned a lot about their customs which I found interesting and really liked. The other thing I liked about the book being set in Hong Kong, was that Hazel got to really take the lead in this story, so it was nice to see a different side to her (and Daisy).

The actual plot as well was really good (as per usual) and the ending kind of shocked me, although I did guess part of it (I was so proud ahahahha) and I liked meeting lots of new characters, however, we were introduced to a lot of new characters and since I have the memory of a goldfish(!), I couldn't remember everyone all the time (which is why the character list at the front of the book is always handy!!). Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book and devoured it within a weekend - I would 100% recommend this book (and the entire series, if you haven't already read them), particularly to tween girls who loved mysteries (or teenagers who want a nice easy read).

Thank you so much to Harriet for sending me this for review, I really loved it and I'll be back soon with some more reviews, including a theatre review and my review of the very popular Turtles All The Way Down, where I'll be addressing the question 'Is It Really Worth The Hype?' Byeee, and I hope you all have a lovely day!



  1. I've heard of the series before, but I've never actually read them and I'm not sure why! Great review and I'll check out the books:)


    1. Ooh well def check them out - I highly recommend xx

  2. Cool review! These books sound really good:)


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