What I Got For Christmas 2017

Hola Lexicans! Ahhhhhh I hope y'all had an amazing, relaxing, fun and happy Christmas with your loved ones!! I had such a lovely lovely day, and I'm still so happy and buzzing from it (although sad that the Christmas season, really is coming to an end now:() I wasn't sure whether or not to do one of these posts, as I kind of don't see the point in sharing all over the Internet the gifts you got. However at the same time these are some of my favourite blog posts/YouTube videos to watch and I am extremely quite nosy, so I thought why not share with y'all What I Got For Christmas 2017 (also as I did a poll on my blog's Instagram* and the majority said you'd love to see one). Before I start off, I just want to say that firstly Christmas is not about presents in any way. In my opinion it's about spending time with loved ones, and celebrating Jesus. Also, I understand I was so so so lucky this year, and I'm so grateful to everyone who bought me a gift/gave me a card/wished me a Merry Christmas - I'm not trying to brag in any way at all. So with that said, let's get into this post:)

*ahah I love doing polls on Instagram..

Ted Baker Chelsey Leather Bag in Grey

asdfghjkl ahh sidkfmnwd oh my gosh oh my gosh I am so so happy I received this!! I did put this on my list, as I really loved it, but since it's quite a pricey item, I wasn't expecting to receive it. However, my Nan-Nan and Grandad got it for me and I love it so much! It also comes with a mini purse thing, which is like a whole separate gift:)


Netflix subscription

I didn't ask for this but I'm so happy I received it, as I've wanted Netflix for agesssss now so thanks so much to my parents for getting me this - it's such a thoughtful gift, and I can't wait to start watching some good series on Netflix (comment any good series on Netflix, bear in mind my favourite genre is comedies/sitcoms).

Urban Decay Naked Heat

I really loved the look of this palette, and since I have a few other products in the Naked range by Urban Decay, I was hoping to receive this palette for Christmas. It's quite dark, and I'm as pale as a ghost, so I'm going to need to watch some tutorials to master a darker look (as currently it ends up looking like I've been punched in the eye!!) but the colours are stunning, so I can't wait to use it well.

Pandora Captured Hearts Stud Earrings

I already knew I was getting these as I mentioned in My Christmas Wishlist blog post since I went with my Nanny to pick them out, but yah I love them and they're so cute:)

Benefit Porefessional

My Nanny also got me the Porefessional, as I had a mini size and I loved it, but it ran out:( so now I have a big one, which should hopefully last me a while!

Barbie x Missguided black sweatshirt and pink t-shirt

I discovered the Barbie x Missguided range whilst on this fashion app 21 Buttons (which is a really cool app ahah #notspon it's just really great for you fashioniastas ahahah!) and I thought it was really cute + cool, so I asked for the sweatshirt and t-shirt from the range, and Father Christmas (my main man;)) got me both so I'm v happy with that!

Taylor Swift's Reputation album

My lil sis got me this and INES I LOVE YOU THANK YOU!! I didn't even know it was available in the UK yet ahahah and I'm such a Swiftie, so I'm so happy that I've got Reputation now.

Those are the main gifts I got and I love them all so much:) I did get some other little bits and bobs, like room décor, face masks, candles etc etc but I didn't think it would be very interesting for you if I went through every single item down to the last pack of hair bobbles. I've got lots of posts coming up (I just need to actually write them..) but stay tuned for a 2017 overview, review of The Shard and many more posts;) ;)
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Once again, I'm so incredibly grateful for all my gifts and I'm not bragging:) How was your Christmas? Did you get any pressies, and if so what did you get? What are some good shows on Netflix? ily Lexicans and byeee



  1. All of those sound awesome. Also majorly jealous you got reputation!

  2. Hey Lexie! I just followed you!

  3. My fav shows on Netflix are probably One Day At A Time (family sitcom with a lot of quite serious current issues in it, see if you like it) and Free Rein (fun guilty pleasure chick flick horse show, haha). You might also want to try Fuller House if you like sitcoms. Let me on insta if you try any and what you'd reccomend to me!! 💗X


thanks for commenting!:)