October Favourites + NaNo Q&A

Hola Lexicans! Firstly HAPPY HALLOWEEN FOR YESTERDAY. Now I know I didn't do any Halloween posts ahh sorry :( but whilst I do love it, it's not the biggest deal to me and honestly the only Halloween themed posts I could think of were DIYs (and I suck at DIYs ahah) and make-up for Halloween but I didn't know how I could do that in writing soo:(. Anyway, it is now November ALREADY HOW (October went super quick) and since I haven't done a monthly favourites in forever since May and y'all always seem to love reading them I thought I'd do an October Favs post. (PS stay tuned at the end for an update on NaNo this month!)

GENERAL LIFE UPDATE *salute ahahah cheeky himym reference*

So October was a fairly good month but to be perfectly honest, it seemed to go suuuper quick (so sorry if this is pretty short!!) but then at the same time, it seems like ages since I uploaded my How To Get Over A Great TV Show blog post and that was October (time is so weird ahah!). One of the best things about October is that we have a half-term near the end of it. *if you're not from England (or are but still don't know what it is) half-term is basically a week off school we get half way through our term *shocker* so we get one in October, February and May. For most of the half-term I just saw friends and Netflix and chilled at home but then for the last few days, my little brother actually had a dance competition up in Blackpool so we made a break out of it and went to the Peak District first and then stayed in Blackpool for a couple of nights which was actually really fun. I'll probably be doing a separate blog post on that but yahh


By the way I can't remember exactly whether I bought these things in September or October, the months just rolled into one ahah so sorry about that:) Anyway, I seem to have done quite a bit of shopping these past couple of months, all of which (I can actually remember) were clothes so I'm just going to share a few here:

H&M Jersey Skirt

This is basically just a basic black skirt from H&M, that I just wanted for parties with a cute tee so yah not really any backstory there ahah.

New Look Shell Pink Balloon Sleeve Jumper


I didn't actually have any really nice knitted jumper and so I was on a hunt for one when I saw this jumper - it's super soft and honestly I love the arms (I didn't think I liked balloon arms before but on here they look really cute: subtle, but still there).

Moschino Denim Jacket

I cannot find this online anywhere (I think because my aunt's had it a while) but basically as you may know from a fashion wishlist I did in September that I really wanted a denim jacket, so I asked my aunt (who has heaps of clothes that she never/can't wear and who has a great fashion sense) if she had a denim jacket she could maybe give me and she did have this lovely ripped, oversized (well on me at least ahah!) one from Moschino which I love so much so thanks Louise if you're reading:)


The major thing (*salute ahah*) that happened on my blog this month was that IT TURNED 4 YEARS OLD which obviously is a huge deal to me so that's really exciting and hope What Lexie Loves has more successful years to come. I only posted 4 times this month eek but I honestly promise I will get better (although with NaNo this month (stay tuned btw) that may be harder.) Also super exciting, Macmillan Publishing sent me a proof of the amazing Sara Barnard's third book coming out next February: Goodbye, Perfect (which I finished a couple of days ago so watch out for a review).

So that was a short snippet of my life in October. And now to just tell you about my NaNo this month. YES.. I will be trying to do NaNo but no not the full 50k. Basically I'm not setting myself a strict goal (but I'm aiming for around 25k by the end of the month) as this is only my second time and last year I just started to forget to log it and then I couldn't complete it whoops. I'm doing it on the same novel as last year but starting from scratch (although obviously not discarding what I already have of it). So since I'm using the same novel idea as last year, I already have a post about it - if you want to read more about my story which you can read here:

Anyway, there's my Oct Favs and me answering any questions you may have about me + doing NaNo this month (WISH ME LUCK aHH already missed the first day oh my life what am I doing). Are you doing NaNo? If so, good luck xxx

Byeee xx

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