How To Get Over A Great TV Show

Hola Lexicans! I'm not sure just yet where this post is going but one thing I do know for certain, is it will be along the lines of TV. Also before I start this post, my blog birthday is coming up so incredibly soon, on the Saturday 7th October, so basically less than a week ahhhh and I will have been blogging then for 4 years. Uh huh. 4 DAMN YEARS since I started posting on here, so I will definitely be doing something for that, I'm just not entirely sure what yet, so if you could email me - whatlexieloves{at}gmail{dot}com - or comment down below any ideas, that would be so incredibly appreciated. Anywayayays, on to the post.

A few days ago, I finished How I Met Your Mother. I had only been watching the series for about 3 weeks, maybe 4 at best (and it has 9 series - 208 episodes - I KNOW do the maths if you want, all I do is watch Netflix; I get it ok ahah) but it felt like I had been watching it for ages and HIMYM was already part of my life. I also had that feeling around a month ago when I finished Brooklyn Nine Nine (another amazing show that I literally love so incredibly much). If any of you have ever finished a great TV series (which I'm sure you have) you will know saying goodbye to the series and all the characters is a very sad and emotional thing to do. And, if you don't really understand that feeling it is very similar to finishing a great book, which we all know is the absolute worst soo... I finished it and for the rest of the day I felt so emotionally drained (probably should have watched it in the evening so I could have slept on it ahahah). Now, I needed to find a way to help me get over this show, so I thought I would list to you the 5 things NOT to do when you have a TV show hangover.

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1. DO NOT start another TV show immediately. Well, this one is open to argument but in my opinion, it's a bad idea. It will either go one of two ways: 1. the show is rubbish and reminds you how good the series you were watching was and how you'll 'never find a series as good again' or 2. you'll end up loving it, which will be great and cure you for a while, UNTIL you finish that show, and then you'll be in the loop over again.

2. DO NOT go onto YouTube and then start looking at videos like 'The Top 5 Most Heartbreaking Moments On {insert the show here}' IT WILL NOT MAKE YOU FEEL ANY BETTER!

3. DO NOT go and watch interviews with the cast members.

4. DO NOT search for an alternate ending as you do know damn well that it will be just as emotional.

5. And in my opinion most importantly of all, DO NOT go back and start rewatching some of your favourite episodes (which in my case are often the saddest episodes again) YOU WILL JUST FEEL SAD ALL OVER AGAIN!

So those are my top 5 things you should not do when getting over a TV show; obviously this post was more just a bit of fun, but honestly and as a person who has done all 5 of these things, it really won't help.

I'm currently preparing an autumn and winter fashion collection, so that should be up in a few weeks, but I'm also doing a post with a movie review and what you need for a movie night in which should be up in a few days, so watch out for that! What TV show do you love? And if you've watched and love How I Met Your Mother, LET ME KNOW I need someone to chat about it to!!



  1. I've felt like this too, before hehe. After finishing a long tv show or book series, it kinda feels like all of your friends have suddenly died :)

  2. NETFLIX IS BASICLY LIFE so I have definitely experienced this before haha. I feel like when you watch a character so much it's easy to get attached. Awesome post!

  3. This is the best! You had me smiling it's so difficult not to do any of that however!

  4. Lovely post... not such a lovely situation to be in. I know the feeling - like you just need to know more about the character's lives, you just need the story to keep going!


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