An American In Paris musical

Hola Lexicans! So a few weeks ago, my school took some of their Year 9 students (including me) to a theatre trip viewing An American In Paris. My mum had seen the musical a few months before me and absolutely loved it, I had seen a lot of advertising for it (particularly when we went to California in the Easter) and it looks quite La La Land-esque (and I did really love La La Land!!) so I was really excited to go and see the show.

Before I share my opinions on the musical, I wanted to just give a quick summary of the show. An American In Paris tells the story of Jerry, an American who is still in Paris after fighting in World War I, Adam a kind soldier who helped Jerry and Henri, son of two wealthy French people. They all then begin to bond and become good friends. Until one by one, they all but Lise - a charming French lady who they all fall in love with. I won't go into any more depth as I want to spoilt it but yah:)

I did really really enjoy this musical, particularly the ending. I think what really stood out to me as being amazing was how skilled the singing, dancing and design of the whole musical was. The dancers really were talented and I thought the set was one of the most beautiful ones I've ever seen. And yes, if you've ever read one of my reviews of another show before you will know I pretty much always mention the set and how amazing it is, BUT IT'S TRUE!!

I loved the storyline of An American In Paris, it was slightly cliché in my opinion, but so beautiful and pure. I do have to admit that at points I found it very confusing aha but then again, it isn't made for young teenagers. One other slight criticism is that I (and a lot of the other girls in my class) think that the end dragged on a little bit, particularly the final dance (but it was beautiful so that made up for it!!)

Overall I loved this show a lot and would recommend it to adults and teenagers. It's not the most family-friendly musical, as I think anyone under 12 would probably be confused for most of it, but if you haven't seen it yet, and you live fairly near the Dominion Theatre, go give it a try - you won't regret it!


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