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Hola Lexicans! Now today, I'm going to be doing a post about all the things on my current fashion wishlist (which trust me is a lot!!) as lately I have been doing quite a bit of online shopping without actually buying the items because #ispentallmymoneyonchocolate so I have quite a long list of things I'd really like and thought I would share some of the top things in a post:) Also, today's post is really exciting as I'm partnering with, which is a company that basically has details on loads of catalogues from all different brands, compares them and advises you on which one is best to get. Anywayy, let's get into my fashion wishlist:)

Levi's Women The Perfect Graphic Tee

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Lately, I have seen so many people around wearing this t-shirt and I think it looks so cool. It's a very iconic, timeless tee which I really like and I think it will go great with a pair of skinny black jeans (which I also want aha, but that's further down on my wishlist). The only downside is it's £20 which from a simple t-shirt is pretty ridiculous but I guess you're paying for the logo and the famous name.

Boohoo Petite Georgia Tartan Bodycon Mini Dress

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Lately, I have spent a while online shopping at Boohoo and I love it (hence why the next few things are all from Boohoo!). Lately I've been wanting some more autumnal/winter dresses that have long sleeves and this perfect - it's the right warm toned colours, it would go great with tights as well and has long sleeves whilst still being really nice. And it's only £12 - I really love this!

Boohoo Nicole Disney Mickey Stripe Tee

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At the moment I'm a massive fan of oversized tees and sweaters, and I can imagine me wearing this in a size M or L or something before I go to bed, or tucked into some jeans:)
Boohoo Sarah XOXO Slogan T-shirt
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This would also look super cute as an oversized tee but I think this would I would just get in my usual size and wear underneath a jacket or with some leggings on a 'Netflix and chill' kinda day at home.
New Look Black High Waist Super Skinny Jeans
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As I mentioned earlier in the post, I really wanted a pair of black jeans as for some reasons I don't actually own a pair! Now this won't be on my wishlist for much longer as I am actually buying them tomorrow, particularly as they're currently on sale for £13.50 which is amazing for a pair of jeans - and I really do love New Look's jeans (I already own two pairs so I can wholeheartedly say they are amazing!)
Missguided Blue Oversized Denim Jacket
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I've wanted a denim jacket for a while now, but didn't actually have any specific ones in mind before coming to create this post, so I just went to look up nice denim jackets, and this one was one of the first I came across but I really love it. I like the fact that it is oversized and I quite simply think it gives the look that quite chill, laidback vibes which I love!
So those are the top things currently on my fashion wishlist! I definitely have more I'd be happy to share with you, so if you'd like a Part 2 and enjoy this kind of post, let me know in the comments down below:) Also thank you to for sponsoring this post!


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