100 More Things That Make Me Happy

Hola Lexicans! About a year ago, I did a post called 100 Things That Make Me Happy, which  I really enjoyed doing and unsurprisingly listing things that make you happy can really lift your mood so I thought why not do a further 100 Things? Here goes:

Colour. Balloons. Music. The smell of freshly baked bread. A blank sheet of paper. Modern Family. Finishing a good run. Shopping. Feeling stylish. The sound of the sea. Candles. Listening to Christmas songs. Doing something great for charity. Completing a piece of worked you've been stressed over for ages. Getting a good score in your test. A really comfy pillow. Brooklyn Nine Nine. Getting a new school book at the beginning of the year. Messages on Twitter. You guys! My onesie. How I Met Your Mother. Barbecues. People seeming genuinely happy to see me. Beautiful Broken Things. Dairy Milk Oreo. New stationary. Los Angeles. The fact that my blog has been loaded over 70,000 times. My brother's face when he sees or talks about pugs. London. Cockapoos. When you take some photos with your friends for Instagram and one of them is absolutely perfect. Being complimented. Wearing my leather jacket. When you've perfected your make-up look. All my make-up. Bungee jumping. France. Lipstick. Laughing. My room being really nice and tidy. Going through old photos. Black and white photos. Pinterest. Wearing my Pandora ring. Warm hugs. Netflix. Hot chocolate after you've been out in the snow. Skiing. Amy Santiago and Jake Peralta. Waking up on Christmas day. Girl Online. Finishing your homework. Pastel pink. Avacados. Palm Springs. The beach. The crisp air in autumn. My Brandy Melville clothes. Kikki K. Seeing a cute little dog when I'm out and about. My Polaroid camera. People's reactions when you give them a really nice gift. When I'm feeling really happy with my outfit. The word 'obble' and the way it sounds when you say it. My bedroom. Winning a game of cards. Big oversized t-shirts. Netflix. Zoella Lifestyle. When my bedroom is really tidy. Buying new things. Mini cheddars. Westfield's. Cute room décor. The idea of Christmas at New York. Bagels. Cropped hoodies. Artwork. Little Mix. Waking up and not feeling tired. Trampolining. Kate Spade. Barney and Robin on How I Met Your Mother. Watergate Bay Hotel. Aesthetic. Pinterest. Magic tricks. Cute little toddlers, and their tiny clothes and shoes. Parties. Satisfying videos. Feeling proud of yourself. When I'm snuggled up in my throw. Days when you get no homework. My toy Bubby. The Landmark Hotel. Wales. Wonder. General knowledge 'salute' and all those other HIMYM jokes like that.

Woah. That is 100 MORE Things That Make Me Happy. Sorry if I repeated any, I did reread my original a couple of times, but 100 things is quite a lot to store in your brain all at once. If you haven't already, try this - it really lifts your mood! I'll be back soon:) What makes you happy?


  1. THIS IS THE BEST. I feel so inspired!

  2. This is so cute! I am totally going to do this sometime in the future!


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