Live On Stage: The Wind In The Willows

Hola Lexicans! Last week, I went to the Palladium Theatre in London to watch The Wind In The Willows. I had a great time so thought I would write a review for you today. If you live in England, they are still touring and there are tickets available in different theatres across the country.

If you have never heard the story of The Wind In The Willows, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? it is quite simply the story of four animals, Mole, Rat, Badger and Toad, who are all good friends. It starts with Mole losing his patience and wanting to go out and find a friend, where he meets Rat. Together they go on all kinds of adventures, with Rat introducing Mole to two of his friends - Badger and Toad.

Honestly I didn't properly know the storyline before I went to see the play other than it's about 4 animal friends so I went into the theatre not knowing exactly what to expect. I was straight away 'into' the storyline forgetting everything else and just being captured by the play. I absolutely loved the songs, everything single one was fun and upbeat and there were none which I thought 'meh this is okay' or 'this is going on too long now' which normally happens in a musical. When we got home, my mum straight away downloaded a Spotify playlist with all the songs on and we were playing them all throughout the house the next day!

Another thing I loved about this play was the level of comedy. The jokes were really good - there wasn't too much comedy that it just got annoying but it stayed funny all the way through. The show had a wide range of ages in the audience and I liked the way they made it funny for all ages, normally it's just adult humour that none of the kids get or silly 'bum, fart, poo' jokes that are amusing for little children.

The cast in this were really talented and effective, I loved the way they got into their roles and really humanised the animals. I imagine it must be quite hard to act a character that isn't human, like an animal or alien or whatever else but all the cast took their character and played them realistically and well (or at least as realistically as you can get when your character is a talking animal!!)

Overall I really enjoyed this play and there was not one point I felt it was going on too long or it as getting a little boring which I normally find even in the best plays (or films for that matter!). If you can get tickets still I would whole-heartedly recommend it.



  1. My theatre company did Wind in the Willows one time-- it's such a fun show! I love all the songs and comedic moments, too.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

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    1. Cool! I have signed up for your Blogger Yearbook and am so surprised that despite this being my fourth year blogging (in October), I have never been part of the yearbook - I'm not sure why ahah!! Xx

  2. That sounds really cool! I love watching plays. :)

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl

  3. Wow! Wind in the Willows seems like an awesome play! Great Review :)

    xx Bubbles

  4. We briefly studied The Wind In The Willows at school once. It's a really cool classic!

    1. I've never studied it but I agree, a real classic! Xx

  5. Wind in the Willows is a really great book so I'm sure the play did it justice!
    I enjoyed reading about it <3
    x Skye // A little Inkling //


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