What I Got For My Birthday 2017

Hola Lexicans! As some of you lovelies may know, my birthday was a few weeks ago (the 18th June) and I had my party last Saturday. I had such brilliant day on both my party and actual birthday and wanted to say huge thank you to my family and friends for if they said happy birthday, or sent me a card, or gave me a gift, or celebrated with me and basically if they helped my day extra special! Some of my favourite YouTube videos and blog posts are What I Got For Christmas and Birthday posts so I decided to write my own today, as previous ones I've done have been really popular. *disclaimer: I'm not trying to brag about the presents I got and I totally understand how lucky I am to be in the position to receive all these gifts and I am 100% grateful*

iPhone 6s in Rose Gold

AhhhhhHHHHH I'm so happy that I got this! I was hoping to get an SE so to end up with a 6s was literally amazing and I was absolutely delighted! This has such good camera quality so expect much better photos on my Instagram (@whatlexieloves) and hopefully on my blog (I really want to start using photos on my blog that I took myself rather than using stock pictures!)

Pandora Princess Tiara Ring in Rose Gold

I loveeee this! Last Christmas all my friends asked for (and got) Pandora rings and honestly, I could not see the point ahah but now I had seen them wear them regularly, I kinda fell in love myself!

Adidas Holographic Superstars

I just find these shoes so cool and um lit*. I already had a pair of the black and white basic Superstars except it was getting to the point yanno where they are more of a grey and yellow colour ahah and I really really love the holo ones (I mean isn't holographic just brill?)

*I promise I will never say lit again I know it's cringey oK FORGIVE ME


  1. Happy late birthday Lexie and congrats on the stuff you got! We have the same phone now. :)

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl

  2. Happy belated birthday, Lexi! Haha, lit is pretty cringey-- I forgive you though, as sometimes my friends and I will enact memes (LONG story) and we use the word lit in a teasing kind of way. I love how the iPhone's camera quality has been improving-- I have a seven, but my mom has a six and I love it's quality, honestly.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

  3. Happy belated bday!! That's so exciting about the rose gold - its basically my aesthetic. :') Hooe you had a great day on your birthday and got to try out your presents a lot!

  4. Awesome! Some lovely gifts, happy belated birthday to you, Lexie!
    Be sure to check out my new posts! xxx

  5. Oooo, rose gold. Glad you had a nice birthday, Happy Belated Lexie!


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