Top Favourite Clothing for Summer 2017

Hola Lexicans! It has been soo hot over the last few days (as a lil Brit who is used to rain, this is leaving me as a sweaty mess) and although it was a little cooler yesterday and today, I decided it would be perfect to do a list of different clothing that I love for this summer. Some of the items in the list I do actually have, but others are things I would like and are on my wishlist!<3

H&M - Printed Dress in Purple Floral (linked here)

This is one of the items I do have. This summer dress is such a gorgeous design and I love the colours of it too! I've been trying to find nice dresses lately that I actually like (it's surprisingly hard!!) but this ticks all the boxes. Also, it's just £8.99!

New Look - Teens Shell Pink Floral Kimono (linked here)


I think kimonos are such a cute accessory and added touch to any outfit. They are so summery, particularly this one, and the floral pattern is so nice - simple but not boring! It's £15.99 which is a little pricey for a kimono (when the dress above is only £8.99) but is well worth it (New Look do the best kimonos!!)

New Look - Teens Pale Blue Floral Print Denim Shorts (linked here)

Honestly I love these! I don't own them (although now I've come across them I probably will soon ahahah). They are like a pair of plain light denim shorts but with just a little extra kick (the embroidered flowers). They just offer something a little unique without it being too over-the-top and different. They are £17.99:)

Bershka - T-shirt With Front Knot in Cream (linked here)

This is another thing I do actually have! My best friend introduced me to Berskha recently and I'm in love with it! This print is perfect, so summery and gorgeous and the fit is perfect, slightly cropped but not too much. £5.99!

New Look - Teens White Lemon Print T-shirt (linked here)

This is the final piece and something I don't own. I think lemons are really cute (my current phone case is lemons!) and I love this basic print design. This is £9.99 so a pretty good price for a tee!

So those are my top picks of fashion for this summer! Which of these are your favourites? Comment some of your favourite summer clothes!!



  1. You have good taste in clothing! I love the piece from Berksha.
    Nice post,
    x Skye// A little inkling //

  2. I love the kimono and the lemon tee! I currently just bought some clothes although most of them aren't necessarily summery except for those four inch heels my parents bought to help "make me practice walking taller." ^.^'

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

  3. I LOVE those shorts. And the Kimono. Always. And *eeeeep* I actually have a kimono, and some jeans that I've been planning on altering into shorts... so we'll see how that all goes! Great post:)

    Jazzy @

  4. These are so cute! I love your taste!! :) Especially the knot wow.


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