May Favourites

Hola Lexicans! It's Juneee, which means its...... MA BIRTHDAY MONTH *confetti blows* *i wave* *cake is given to everyone* WHOO. It's also getting into my favourite time of the year.... summer. Now according to astrology summer starts on the 22nd of June but personally summer starts on the 1st June soooo.. Anyway, May was a great month for me and went at the perfect pace, didn't feel really slow and boring but also didn't go by in a flash! Now because it's the end of the month (and I haven't done one in ages), I thought I would do a May Favourites.

The Weather

If you live in England you will know that for the past week or so we have been living a heatwave (and if you don't live here you may or may not know that it's VERY rare for British weather to actually be *shock horror*......... warm.) So I've been loving the weather, I'm actually wear SHORTS right now (and trust me, in my eyes it is practically never warm enough in Britain to wear shorts so that's saying something).

La La Lab

Towards the end of this month, I was introduced to this app called La La Lab (available on Apple and Android devices), which lets you pick photos from your phone, prints them and sends them to you for really good prices. I had a code which meant I got my first 12 for free and only had to pay the £1.69 (I think it was..) delivery which is amazing. I picked the Vintage style which is basically like a large polaroid photo with brilliant quality and they arrived today (4 days after being ordered). I have a code myself which means you can get £5 worth of free prints too which is a pretty darn amazing deal. The code is PGUK7RCU if you want to use it and try out some La La Lab pictures for yourself. *P.S. This is not sponsored at all I just lovee La La Lab, think it's amazing and want to share this company I've come across with you*

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not my photo - credits linked here:

Boss Baby

A few days ago, I went to see Boss Baby in cinemas. I'm not saying too much about this favourite as I will be doing a separate review soon so watch out for that. Anyway, I had seen so many trailers for this and knew from the first time I saw an advert for it that I needed to watch it; it looked hilarious! And it was..! I really enjoyed this film and was surprised at just how packed the cinema was even though it wasn't really that new of a movie.

Bike rides

A couple of birthdays ago, I got a new bike. Now having an uncle that owns a bike shop, cycling has always been a hobby of mine, but in the last year or so I just haven't really been on my bike at all. But a couple of weeks ago my best friend Emma suggested we went on a bike ride around town, enjoyed it so much and have since been on 5 bike rides this week alone!

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Nicole Guerriro Glow Kit

This purchase I made back in April when I went to California on holiday so it's not new this month but I love it all the same. The colours are stunning pink and gold highlighters and the formula is the most blinding highlight I have come across. You do get 6 big pans so even though it cost me just under £40 it actually isn't too expensive, for the amount you get.


Lately I've been listening to (and loving) lots of new songs and found some that I really love. Personal favourites for this month include: iSpy by Kyle and Lil Boat (this song does swear a lot and has a bad message to it, but the actual song is catchy. Just wanted to put it out there if you've heard the song, I in no way support or think what is said is appropriate), I'm The One by DJ Khalid and Justin Bieber, No More Sad Songs by Little Mix, Solo Dance by Martin Jensen, Ciao Adios by Anne-Marie, Issues by Julia Michaels and Symphony by Zara Larsson. Honestly <333 these songs.

So those have been some of my top favourites for this month. As I said at the start I've had a really nice month and am hoping June is as good. I've got lots of exciting things happening this month, my birthday and going to the Summertime Ball by Capital are definitely the top things I'm looking forward to. How was your May? What were some of your favourites? (Or favorites;P)



  1. This was an interesting post!

  2. A HEAT WAVE. I live in oregon and it is normally like england. always raining so the heat I can relate too as well.

    1. YAS! After all the rain England gets, these rare heatwaves basically kill us (but in a good way yanno)

  3. It's funny, because my parents saw Boss Baby without my brother or I (we were preoccupied with finals) and they also said it was pretty good. And isn't the weather out of whack? These past two weeks it's been hailing and snowing. It was May. Sometimes I wonder what the world has gotten to, but if this keeps going on, so much is going to change with the environment.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

    1. Yes it was quite good! Good luck with Finals:) And I get you with the weather, hailing in May is pretty ridiculous! Xx

  4. YES!!😃😄😊 I happen to like iSpy and The One as well😊 I absolutely LOVE Anastasia Beverley Hills Makeup selection. The range colours and products are magnificent and sold at an pretty reasonable price. What exact date is your birthday? A lot of my friends have upcoming birthdays during June as well.😊

    #sweetreats xx ||

    1. Ahh yay, you must have a good taste;) And my birthday is on the 18th June (so 2 weeks today woohoo!)

  5. I love how your sense of humor shines through this post lol. Happy early birthday! Enjoy your month


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