Boss Baby

Hola Lexicans! Agh I promised myself I'd get back into blogging yet I still haven't posted for 10 days (I'm aiming to be posting at least twice a week). Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I went to see Boss Baby with my mum, sister and brother and decided to post my review of it on here!

Tim is an imaginative 7 year old, with a perfect life. He has all his parent's attention, and is generally just a very happy kid. But then one day a new baby brother arrives at his house. In a taxi. Wearing a suit. Holding a briefcase. All of sudden, it's 'bye bye Tim and hello new baby' as all the attentions spins onto his little brother, whilst a new hatred is formed between the two. However, what Tim's parents don't know is the this baby is totally out of the ordinary, and actually works for Baby Corp, a company researching why puppies have supposedly taken over babies. He means business...


I had seen trailers and adverts for this film for months and months in advance. When I went the movie had actually been released for a while now and was comparatively old, yet the cinema was packed with people. Straight away I found this film so funny. It was really light-hearted yet gave a really good message for people with new younger siblings who may take all the attention at first, so I loved the way it was touched upon. I did find certain parts of the film a little repetitive and unnecessary but there was never one point I actually felt bored (which for someone like me, with a very short attention span and not really a liking for films, is an achievement!) I actually found the ending to the film extremely touching and heart-warming and at one point was really close to tears!!

I found the little fantasy sequences, for example when they become pirates, really funny and fitting. It's not a new concept yet Boss Baby made it seem brand new and fit it into the actual film really well. I also liked how that scene came back later and saved them!

Overall I would definitely recommend Boss Baby to everyone. There were people of all different ages in the cinema and they all found it equally as funny - toddlers, teenagers and adults alike. Have you watched this film? What did you think of it?



  1. Can't wait to see this film! x

  2. I didn't like the movie. I thought it was confusing for now reasons.

  3. Oh my gosh I love this movie so much!!
    -Dani Jones

  4. I'm glad to see Dreamworks put a lighthearted film-- it's been awhile since they've made any movies that are just light and good. Loved this review, Lexie!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

  5. I have been dying to see this movie!!! (Not literally...) I'm glad you thought it was good which gives me even more reason to see it!

  6. I really want to see this but there have been so many mixed opinions so I'm still deciding if I should or not. Great review!
    - Fifi


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