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Hola Lexicans! I can't believe we're already on Day 4 of my #7DaysOfWLL. It is going soo quickly! Well done to those of you who started (and are still going with!) this little project, I'll definitely be mentioning you on the 7th day! Anyway, at the beginning of this week I finished The Sun Is Also A Star, a very popular YA book by Nicola Yoon and I loveedd it, so I thought I'd share my opinions with you over on my blog. Take it away!

The Sun Is Also A Star tells the story of Daniel and Natasha, two teenagers with very little in common. Daniel is a dreamer, a poet and believes in fate, luck and love. However Natasha is a scientist, a very logical girl who doesn't believe in true love at all. If their days had gone to plan, they wouldn't have met. But they did, and that changed the whole day. Was it just a coincidence that they happened to be in the right place at the right time together? Or had their whole life been leading up to this day?

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I absolutely adored TSIAS so much. Yoon has written one other extremely popular YA book - Everything, Everything which I also loved and has actually been adapted to be a movie. The film is being released on the 19th May in the US (very soon) so all you Americans are lucky enough to be able to watch it in just over a week! Anywayss, I did really enjoy Everything, Everything however I can say very surely I preferred The Sun Is Also A Star. I loved the characters, and found the way they interacted and developed their relationship so poignant, interesting and honestly beautiful. The story was perfect, it had enough of a plot but still felt realistic which often books don't when they have very over the top plots.

As I mentioned in the last paragraph, I really liked the way their relationship developed throughout the book. Nicola wrote it so you could tell that their bond was growing and getting a lot stronger, but it was very subtle and not obvious, something that is effective and a lot of writers often struggle to do. I think my favourite bit of the book was the little bit right at the very end (I won't spoil it but I found it very impactful, although I don't really know why!)

Overall, I LOVED this book! Recently, I've been reading a lot of books that I have enjoyed a lot, but this made me realise just how amazing some books are. Have you read it? Are you planning on?



  1. I seriously feel like I have read this book but I don't remember it at all (that happens to me sometimes). Wonderful review!

    Nabila // Hot Town Cool Girl

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