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Hola Lexicans! Welcome back to Day 3 of #7DaysOfWLL! Today I'm going to be talking about all the different fears I have! Hopefully this will be (somewhat) interesting to y'all (it's the sort of thing, I think I would really like reading about)!

Lifts (and being trapped in any other small space)

Most of you will call this fear claustrophobia but it is not! I don't mind small spaces at all, the only problem is when I trapped in the space and/or I don't have the power to get out willingly. A very good example of a place where this happens is lifts. Honestly I am so terrified of getting trapped in a lift and my friends and family always tease me about it aha:(

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This is more common and doesn't need much of an explanation. I mean ughh lol they are so creepy and I hate the thought of them crawling on my blog!


I don't think I'm actually scared of vomit itself, just the way it makes me feel when I see it eww.


This is a pretty common fear, but at the same time I lot of people absolutely love rollercoasters. I find them so so scary (and I actually think its link on to my fear of vomit a lot, as I'm scared I'm going to throw up when I go on rollercoasters).

I think being scared or calling something scary is too overused these days (and yes im guilty of it). For example, earlier today there was a wasp and I totally overreacted. Obviously everyone has serious fears, but sometimes people just overreact and make out like they're scared when deep down (and they may not actually realise it!) they aren't actually that scared. Do you agree? I think being scared of things like bees, insects, spiders have just become people's way of life, and being scared is their natural reaction whey they see those things.

Sorry this post is quite short! What are some of your fears? Do we share any fears?


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  1. This is a cool post idea. My fears are getting taken or not having freedom and losing precious things 💕


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