#7DaysOfWLL... Birthday Wishlist

hOLa Lexicans! Welcome back to Day 2 of #7DaysOfWLL (if you have no clue what that is go check out this post here...). Now, my birthday is coming up (18th June AHH) and I thought, why not write a birthday wishlist post! Quick disclaimer, I do not expect to get all of these things at all and I know birthdays aren't about presents, but I love reading these sorts of posts so why not do it myself:)

iPhone SE. A couple of years ago, I got an iPhone 4s for my birthday and I was soo happy. I am so grateful to have an iPhone, but the 4s is pretty old now and my contract is going to run out very soon, so I will be asking for an SE!! My best friend has this and it's so good so I hope I get it.

Princess Tiara Ring by Pandora in rose gold. Last Christmas all my friends asked for Pandora rings apart from me. I couldn't see the appeal! However, now I've seen all my friends wearing theirs it's a really special thing to have so I'm asking for one for my birthday.

ABH Modern Renaissance palette. When I went to California and Las Vegas in the Easter I was debating over whether to buy this palette or the Nicole Guerriro glow kit. After much mental debate, I settled on the glow kit so am asking for this eyeshadow palette from my 3 bestfriends.

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The real BeautyBlender. Ever since this beauty sponge started getting raved about on YouTube I knew I wanted to try it and decide once and for all, is it worth the hype. Now my birthday is (finally) rolling around again, I hope I get the chance to try it myself.

White fluffy rug for my room. Last year I redecorated my room, by painting it mint green, getting a sofa and adding various other things, however I've found there are still a few things I'd like for my room, a fluffy rug being one of them!

Experiences. This one's really hard to specify, but I love just 'doing stuff' as presents, for example last year one of my presents was going to the Capital Summertime Ball (which by the way was so cool aha).

Charlotte Tilburry lipstick in Pillow Talk. I've always wanted to own a Charlotte Tilburry lipstick but all the shades I liked were in formulas I didn't like and vice versa. So when CT released Pillow Talk, a beautiful nude in a matte finish I knew it was perfect. Also the packaging is rose gold.. bonus!

So those are things I am asking for this year for my birthday! Do you have any of these things? Do you want any? Obviously I do not expect to get anywhere near all of these, but they are things I'd really like so why not share them with you!

Be back tomorrow for Day 3 of #7DaysOfWLL!!



  1. Wonderful Post Lexie! I hope you get the items on your wishlist!

    xx Bubbles


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