#7DaysOfWLL... 5 ways to improve your blog's Instagram

Hola Lexicans! It is the last day of my one week of posting and I think it has been very successful! Today when I came to write my last blog post, I had absolutely no inspiration - I just had no clue what to write. But then I was reading Amelie and Morning's posts (a collab they did) and they had done a 5 ways to improve your... and both done different things. This got me thinking so I have decided to do a 5 ways to improve your blog Instagram account.

You may not even have Instagram, let alone for your blog but if you do or are thinking about setting one up, these tips should definitely help you. (Also, you can follow me on there - whatlexieloves is my username. Yes, I'm doing some cheeky self-promo. Deal with it!).

1. Make sure all your photos are good quality.

No I don't mean every photo has to have been perfectly shot on a Canon with perfect lighting. I just mean make sure the photos isn't really blurry or pixelated. If I see that on a feed, it will instantly put me off, so make sure your pictures are clear. I take my photos on my iPhone 4s (as I find it way easier to upload than if I take it on my camera and transfer it) and they definitely aren't the best quality, but they do for me, and hopefully if I get my iPhone SE you'll be able to see much better pictures coming soon;)

2. Have a theme for your Instagram.

This one is on more of the optional, extra side of my tips but I think it makes me way more likely to follow and keep updated with a feed. Whether it being making sure all your photos have something pink in them, or you edit your filters with the same filter, it just makes your photos look better on a feed and is much more aesthetically appealing.

3. Get socializing!

As soon as I started my Instagram, I started following other small bloggers and then one by one, more would appear on my 'More Like This' section or whatever Instagram call the section where it gives you accounts to follow based on who you already are following. Very quickly, I was added into a blogger group chat, which really helped me make friends. Many bloggers are open to 'fff' or 'fb' on their accounts (I often do follow back, but find it a little weird) so you could try that, and if you keep active on people's accounts, then you'll start to see people following you back.

4. Keep active.

I have to admit, I don't post too regularly on that account, but I do stay active, liking photos of people I follow and keeping up to date in my group chats. Anything from posting once or twice a day, to once or twice a fortnight should be fine, but I wouldn't advise posting any more or less than that. (But to be fair if you do, it's not the end of the world - we all need a break sometimes).

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5. Use your blog to attract people to your Instagram and vice versa.

When I first got Instagram for my blog, I didn't do a very good job of telling you guys who already read me to check me out on Instagram, so I would definitely recommend making your readers aware that you have an Instagram. Also, tell your followers and maybe even new Internet friends on your Instagram to go visit your blog some time! I've found some great blogs through Instagram.

I hoped this helped some of you really improve your Instagram! I know these are pretty obvious, but they definitely help all the same. If you have an Instagram account for your blog that I don't currently follow, definitely tell me down in the comments. Thank you to everyone for reading my #7DaysOfWLL, I'm doing a post soon to talk more about it and shout everyone who took part out.



  1. Great tips!! Honestly I don't think I could ever keep a theme I'm just not that kind of person haha

    1. Thanks Vanessa! I struggle so much keeping my theme up haha which means I don't post very actively but it is the most satisfying thing seeing your Instagram feed all fit together so aesthetically ahaha (not that mine does >.<)

  2. Awesome tips Lexie! My parents weirdly and annoyingly won't let me have Instagram but your photos look really good. :)

    Nabila // Hot Town Cool Girl

    1. Thank you Nabila. I get what you mean with parents not letting you have social media, it took months and months of persuading (not even exaggerating) before I was allowed snapchat:( But thankfully I'm allowed it now! To be honest social media isn't always a good thing, I often get pretty addicted to it not going to lie ahahah

  3. Wonderful post, love it! ♥
    Maybe follow for follow? :)


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