Who Am I?

Hola Lexicans! A few days ago, I was reading Nabila's blog when I saw her post 100 Reasons I Am Me which I thought was a really good idea. It's basically where you list 100 things that make up you and it was really interesting so I thought, why not do it myself? Yes, my list is only 50 as I decided to cut it down (trust me, it's a lot harder than it looks)!

1. I am.. Lexie
2. I am.. 12
3. I am.. a blogger
4. I am.. an avid reader
5. I am.. a proud girl
6. I am.. school pupil
7. I am.. creative
8. I am.. English
9. I am.. a daydreamer
10. I am.. in love with Dairy Milk Oreo
11. I am.. a sister
12. I am.. a daughter
13. I am.. a niece
14. I am.. a granddaughters
15. I am.. a cousin
16. I am.. a wannabe journalist
17. I am.. a past-thinker
18. I am.. a present-doer
19. I am.. a future-planner
20. I am.. in love with makeup
21. I am.. a charity founder
22. I am.. a reviewer
23. I am.. a YouTube lover
24. I am.. a pizza-lover
25. I am.. a dancer
26. I am.. a cyclist
27. I am.. a party gal
28. I am.. craving McDonalds
29. I am.. a feminist
30. I am.. someone who believes in equal rights for all
31. I am.. an Instagrammer
32. I am.. one eighth Welsh
33. I am.. human
34. I am.. a 'screw it, let's do it' kinda girl
35. I am.. one of those people who tries to be really goals and tumblr but just fails
36. I am.. a Pinterester
37. I am.. sassy
38. I am.. confident
39. I am.. a drama queen
40. I am.. a music listener-to
41. I am.. a first-born
42. I am.. a friend
43. I am.. supportive
44. I am.. funny (at least, I try to be!)
45. I am.. a baker
46. I am.. a fangirl
47. I am.. a traveller
48. I am.. a tween
49. I am.. competitive
50. I am.. me


  1. This is a great post idea! I loved reading this :-)

  2. Beautiful post Lexie! Awwww xx loool

    ~ Rukiya

  3. This is such a cool post, Even if it wasn't originally your idea!
    x TargetGirl

  4. That is a simple yet very effective post Lexie. Good you get ideas when you read others blogs. That is where your content comes from and you can be original in your writing. Keep up the good work.

  5. Hi Lexie! I have nominated you for TheCramm Award! Here is the post on my blog: Good luck! :)

    -Asha (For The World)

  6. This is a really interesting post! It's nice to learn a little more about you ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  7. This is an awesome post! Good job Lexie!

    xx Bubbles

  8. Hi Lexie! This was such a great post! I really enjoyed learning more about you!
    - Edie


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