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Hola Lexicans! So.. you may have read this title and been like wHAT u have a charity that's so cool (which is what most people are like so you're not alone) or you may have questions. What is your charity? When did you set it up? What does your charity do? So if the latter then this post is the answer to life's questions (well sorta..) as I will be answering any questions you may have about my charity. I went over to Instagram and asked you guys what questions you had! If you have a question about my charity which wasn't asked then comment it down below and I'll answer it for ya:) Also, this organization is a joint project with my younger sister Ines so this will be a collab post with her <3

What Does Your Charity Do?

Ines: It provides onesies, pyjamas and cuddly toys to vulnerable children across the U.K.
Lexie: It is a way of giving this feeling of comfort and security to children who are less fortunate to us and may not have their own clean pyjamas and toys.

Why Is It Called The Pyjama Fund?

Lexie: It's very simple - we are a fund that provide pyjamas to vulnerable children and we thought The Pyjama Fund had a nice, professional, simple ring to it which is exactly what we wanted.

What Is Your Final Goal - Where Would You Like To Leave Your Charity?

Ines: I'd like to leave it at a point where we are distributing all across the world.
Lexie: I'd love to get our charity to a much more national stage, where we are quite well-known and have helped at least 1000 children feel comforted.

Is Your Charity Non-profit?

Lexie: Yes of course our charity is 100% non profit - all our money goes towards buying new comforters, publicity, maintaining our website etc etc, all beneficial for The Pyjama Fund.

What is the biggest struggle you've had to overcome as a non-profit?

Lexie: Hmm.. It would have to be the process of registering our charity (which we are still in). It is very confusing and there are several legal documents that need filling out, but we cannot find a good guide that will take us through the process step-by-step.

What inspired you to create this charity?

Ines: We were sitting with our family and friends on a very cold day, but because we were in our onesies we still felt warm and safe, both inside and out. We then thought about all the children that didn't have the privilege of having their own pyjamas, onesies and soft toys and decided we could make a charity and start to change that!

I hope y'all enjoyed this post and it answered some of your questions about The Pyjama Fund. If your question wasn't answered or you have something else you'd like to know - please comment it down below, or email me (whatlexieloves{at}gmail{dot}com or thepyjamafund{at}gmail{dot}com). You can also check out our website for more information and to find out how to donate (which would mean soooo much!!) -



  1. Oh my gosh Lexie. You are blowing my mind right now!! This is so absolutely amazingly cool! It is really inspiring that you are doing something like this. If you ever want help or anything I would love to help with this! And your website looks seriously so professional.

  2. Wow! Awesome. How did you get to set up your charity?

  3. Wow, Your site looks so cool! I have a lot of spare PJ pants and will probably donate them.
    Your doing a great thing!
    x TargetGirl
    PS I have nominated you for the Cramm Award


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