School Of Rock - The Theatre Show That Just Rocks

Hola Lexicans! Hope you had a great week and are having a good day today. Today's post is a review on the theatre show - School Of Rock. Every year my grandparents take my family and I to see a play, and this year's was School Of Rock.

If you haven't seen the movie or heard of School Of Rock before, I'll sum it up briefly. It's about a substitute teacher (at least he pretends he's a qualified teacher..!) who goes to work at one of the most prestigious schools in the country to try and earn some more money. However, he has no idea what he's doing and instead, having previously been in a rock band, decides to teach the kids rock music.
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One of the things I loved about this musical, was, well.. the music.. Every single song was amazing, whether it was rock (which before the play wasn't really my style, but now I like it a bit more!) or not. My favourite song was Where Did The Rock Go? which was sung by headmistress of the school because it was extremely powerful and I found it so touching and sad. My simple formula is that if the song makes me feel sad or even cry (which I think I did in the theatre) then it must be absolutely amazing, or very well sung (in this case it was both). But I also adored the songs Here At Horace Green and If Only You Would Listen. Also, towards the end it actually felt like you were at a concert, so it was a 2 in 1!

I found the storyline itself so warming, as well as having some hilarious moments throughout. I love all the charcters, but my favourite was Summer - she was so matter-of-fact and made me laugh quite a bit!

If you get the chance to see this play (you can buy tickets here!), I would 100% recommend it, you don't need to like rock to enjoy the play in the slightest, I had a great time.



  1. School of Rock! I got used to listening to the Original Broadway Cast performing it (the dialogue in "Stick It To the Man" is some of the most genius things said in the show). I really want to see it live!!!

    xoxo Morning

  2. It sounds awesome! I should totally check it out!
    Abi xo

  3. Omg you saw this??! Awesome! I see the posters alll the time, especially in the underground stations. I hope to see it soon I really do. The movie was hilarious! Fantastic review as always xx


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