La La Land - one of the most hyped films ever

Hola Lexicans! So a couple of weeks ago I went to see the new film La La Land. This is potentially one of the most hyped up films ever so I was so excited to go and see it myself and today I'm going to be sharing my opinions on the film and answer that great question - Is It Worth The Hype? Also at the end, in white, are spoilers and my personal opinion.

La La Land tells the story of aspring actress Mia and jazz musician Seb, both of whom are living in L.A. and trying to work out their lives. One day, they meet and from there end up falling in love. Now, if you've been reading my blog for a while now, you may know that I am not one for romance in both stories and films so when I first saw the trailers for this, I was a little sceptical. However, after hearing all the hype from big-time reviewers, and mixed opinions from my friends, I knew I needed to go and see this film for myself.

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I'm just going to go out and say it. I. Loved. This. Film. I found the characters so believable and well-developed, particularly Seb and watching their relationship grow was just beautiful. As I mentioned, I'm not really one for romance, but I absolutely loved watching this movie. Another thing I loved about it was how all the shots, particularly of LA were so beautiful - every scene was perfectly styled which I loved.

Also, all the songs were AMAZING, so well written and sung which was a really nice addition to the film. I had them going round in my head for ages afterwards. Even just listening back to some of the songs now, makes me feel so happy and emotional.

Is It Worth The Hype?
Yes. Whilst there is nothing revolutionary about the film, it's just so happy and uplifting. There are several points, particularly towards the end were it made me feel emotions, and films never normally do that to me. It's weird because it made me feel sad and emotional yet at the same time that was uplifting and I loved it. I would definitely recommend you go and see it.



Mia and Sebastian don't end up together. Mia ends up marrying someone else and having another child. What happens is they both follow their dreams and achieve them. Mia goes to Seb's jazz club with her husband and Seb plays 'their' song (City of Stars, which is beautiful by the way!!) Whilst this song is playing, an alternative of what could have happened (Mia and Sebastian getting together) is showed. This ending absolutely broke my heart. Whilst they followed their dreams, the whole film was about their relationship and it is hinted they will end up together. I absolutely loved them together and I think I cried about the ending. If you have already watched the film, do you agree? Comment down below (but without spoilers!) or you can email me at if your message includes spoilers. I'd love to hear from you:)


  1. I loved this film so much as well! Sure, the middle part kind of dragged a bit, but I simply love the artistry. "Mia and Sebastian's Theme" broke my heart (that piano playing though). "Another Day in the Sun" and "Someone in the Crowd" are also really good songs that are incredibly catchy, "A Lovely Night" screamed major Singin' in the Rain vibes (also one of my favorite musicals ever) but the thing that really got me was "Audition (The Fools Who Dream)" because it encapsulated so much what goes on in the art industry, behind the scenes-- I kind of bawled, at that point.


    I was super confused about the montage at the end until I realized that THEY WERE SHOWING WHAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED. I really wanted them to achieve their dreams, but they both had to break apart in order to do that. And when Mia gives that last look to Sebastian, my poor heart exploded.

    *end spoilers*

    xoxo Morning

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  3. Yes! I loved it too. I think it got better the second time I watched it. I wrote a post comapring La La Land to Whiplash and Whiplash won - but now I'm reconsidering because it's so wonderful, so I took it down. What did you think of that ending? :)

  4. Sounds like a good movie Lexie! I'll watch the trailer x


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