January Favourites

Hola Lexicans! As you may have noticed by now, January is no more and we're now in February. (If you haven't noticed, I'm just going to assume you've been living under a rock (with some cookies to keep you alive, obvs, because ya know. cookies..) which is totally fine by the way. I don't discriminate against anyone, even rock-living aliens. your not an alien? well you are now so :P..

anywayys, today I'm going to be doing a super chatty and all over the place organised post, chatting about my January Favourites.

La La Land

I'll keep this brief, as I'm doing a review on this movie next (so watch out for that! #cheekyselfpromo) but really all I want to do is sing and shout about how lovely and sweet this love story is. I'm not one for romantic books or movies or TV shows or anything yES I KNOW SORRY but there's some exceptions here. La La Land is so beautiful and heartwarming, I would 109% recommend you go and watch it (almost as much as I recommend you should wait on my blog forever refreshing until the review on it comes) - it even made me cry - which is too rare for its own good >.<

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School Of Rock

I published a review on this musical a few days ago (which you totally want to go and read here, I can just feel it) so I won't talk much about it, but basically this is such a great and funny take on the popular classic movie School Of Rock.

Becca Blushed With Light Trio

In the Boxing Day sales, I popped along to my local Space NK to see half price on lots of products, one of which was a Becca blush palette. Reduced from £32 to just £16, could I not buy it? (no. the answer is no.)

The Edge Of Glory by Lady Gaga

I recently found my old iPod Nano which has all my favourite songs from when I was about 8 on then, and they are all old-school classics like Lady Gaga. This song is one of my fav emotion-filled, deep songs at the moment.

India Grace - YouTuber

Because right now my life literally consists of YouTube #whoops #sorrynotsorry, I have been discovering loads of amazing new YouTubers. Currently, one of my faves is India Grace, who hit 90k subscribers yesterday, so go check her out and help get her to 100k!

SO that's it for my monthly favourites! I had an okay-ish January, as months go. My goals for February are to get my YouTube channel properly set up (YES IM GOING TO START YOUTUBEING AGAIN *gasps* *crowd goes wild* *sassy hairflick by me*), get back into the swing of my blog, get my first batch of pyjamas sent off (this is for my charity, if you want a separate post on it, let me know) and finish the website I'm designing for my mum's company.



  1. Great favorites list! I love La La Land!

  2. I want ze post! Give my ze post about pyjamas! PPPPYYYYYYYYYYJJJJJJJJJAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I want to see Lala Land so bad! Thank you for sharing these ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  4. I like your blog!
    I have also started writing mine :)
    Do visit my blog and let me know how did you find it.


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