A Quiet Kind Of Thunder

Hola Lexicans! How are y'all? Today I'm going to be posting a book review on a book that I read recently - A Quiet Kind Of Thunder by Sara Barnard. Now, you may recall a book review on Beautiful Broken Things (which you can read here) in which I declared it my favourite book. AND THEN I FOUND OUT THE AUTHOR HAD WRITTEN ANOTHER BOOK YES WHAT* So, obviously I had to pick it up. Here are my thoughts...

*finding out that the author who wrote your favourite book has written more books is the best thing ever**, I was so happy
**oh and pizza. duh.

A Quiet Kind Of Thunder tells the story of Steffi. Steffi suffers from selective mutism and social anxiety, meaning she never speaks in public. Her school life is lonely and miserable, shutting herself off from everyone else, other than her best friend and family. Until Rhys comes along. Being deaf, he doesn't need Steffi to physically speak to him for them to connect. They understand each other perfectly.

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Isn't this cover just gorgeous!! I'll be honest, it's what drew me to the book
before I realised it was by the same author who wrote Beautiful Broken

I found this book so sweet and moving. I've been reading and reviewing lots of romance books lately and every time I say, 'I'm not that into romance' but honestly, with the many I have read lately my opinion of it is definitely starting to change. The connection between Steffi and Rhys is so beautiful and well-developed, I loved watching their relationship grow.
Another thing I thought was great about this book was how light-hearted and funny it was, without clashing with the sadder topics this book touches on. I love books that can make me laugh whilst still be touching, and this book did that perfectly. It also had a wide range of diversity, with Rhys being deaf, Steffi's selective mutism and social anxiety, divorced parents and characters with a range of different races and nationalities. I think it's so great that more and more YA books these days are very diverse - I love it!

Overall, I loved this book, it's so cUTEEE! I would 100% recommend it to teenagers and adults alike, romance lover or not!



  1. This sounds like such a great book! Thank you for your review ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  2. I love 'Beautiful Broken Things' it is one of my favourite books EVER! I had no idea Sara Barnard had another book, I must find it and read it. Great review Lexi

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