Hola Lexicans! TODAY WE NEED TO CELEBRATE. THAT MEANS STUFF CAKE IN YOUR FACE RIGHT NOW AND PARTY WITH ME. because today is my... wait for it.. wait for it.. 3 YEAR BLOGIVERSARY!!!!! yess whooo *eats cake and chocolate* So, for my 3 year blogiversary, I have enlisted the help of my blogger besties (and I want YOU to join in too!) to complete a little challenge.

Basically, you have to come up with and answer 10 - 30 Favourites questions (e.g. Favourite food). BUT, you have to see how many questions you can come up with that no other bloggers who complete the challenge do.

Favourite ice-cream flavour: Hmm cookie dough or white chocolate
Favourite crisp flavour: SALT N VINEGAR
Favourite name (that isn't your own): Indigo or Isabelle
Favourite app: Colour Switch
Favourite character on Modern Family: Alex, Haley or Mitchell
Favourite chocolate bar: Dairy milk oreo all the way
Favourite number: 15
Favourite day of the year: Christmas!!
Favourite YouTuber(s): Zoella and ReadySetGlamour
Favourite make-up brand: Bobbi Brown, Urban Decay or Benefit
Favourite type of item of clothing: Tops
Favourite holiday: When we went to Thailand in the summer, or Boston in 2012.
Favourite word: Obble. I know this isn't actually a word but it sounds SO satisfying
Favourite letter: X
Favourite lesson: Drama
Favourite animal: Pandas
Favourite musical: The Lion King

So there are my favourites!!! HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY TO MY BLOGGG! and remember to post your own Favourites, and try and make them as unique as possible!!! Make sure you comment once you've got involved.



  1. HAAAAAAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYY! Congrats on three years in the blogosphere! What an accomplishment. *showers confetti upon you*. Hoping for three more years of delightful content.

    Ella ~ Simply Scribbles

    1. THANKKK YOUUU!!! I definitely hope to be blogging this time in 3 years<3


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