Find Your Happy Place - Trolls

Hola Lexicans! Ahh I haven't posted for like 10 days, I have been procrastinating so much more lately, and I've watched a LOT more YouTube (NaNo is going to be interesting at this rate!). Anyway, today I'm back and I'm going to be reviewing the film Trolls which I went to see yesterday with my friends.

Now, when I first saw the trailer for the movie and my mum suggested we went as a family, I was sceptical (so we saw The Secret Life Of Pets instead) but then my best friend invited me to go and see Trolls with her, so I went in the end (and I'm glad I did). To sum it up briefly, Trolls is about Princess Poppy and all her troll friends who are always happy, and the evil Bergens who eat trolls to make them happy. All the trolls try to run away, but when some of Poppy's closest friends get captured, she knows she must rescue them, no matter how hard it is.

(the official Trolls trailer)

This film is very funny and has a great plot line. Normally in films (even ones I love), I think there are parts that are quite long-winded, but I didn't find that at all whilst watching Trolls. I really liked the characters, they all had a good part and were very well-rounded. There was a lot of songs in there, and although they were good, maybe they could have cut down just a tiny bit. Whilst the ending was quite predictable, I still liked it all the same and it was very entertaining.

This would make a great day out for families with younger children (the target market is around 5-12 I would say). It is comical and I think parents would enjoy it too.

Have you seen this? Do you want to?



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