Ways To Live Forever - book review

Hola Lexicans! As promised today I will be posting a book review of the book Ways To Live Forever by Sally Nicholls. Over the weekend, I went to Wales and on the journey back I read Ways To Live Forever.

Ways To Live Forever is all about an 11 year old boy called Sam. Like any other boy, Sam has dreams. He wants to fly in an airship, travel to space, get drunk and kiss a girl (obviously not all in one day!!) To anyone who didn't know him that well, Sam may appear like a normal 11 year old boy but he's not. You see, Sam has leukaemia, a life-threatening form of cancer. He has a best friend, who also has cancer (although a different type) and together they make a list of things they want to do before they die. But will Sam run out of time?


This book was one of the most heartwarming books I have ever read. I NEVER cry at books, even really sad ones but this book made me cry on many occasions, which is so unusual. At the same time, this book was very light and had a lot of very funny parts too which I liked. It was written almost like a diary so it really got inside Sam's head which made the book a lot more touching, as I got to know Sam a lot better rather than you would if it was written in a 3rd person point of view. I honestly cannot put in words how much I loved this book, it made me laugh then cry, then laugh and then cry again.

I would recommend this book to anyone aged 9-12 who likes a really moving and thought provoking books which also has a lot of funny bits at the same time. Also, I found out when I was googling it to get the picture, that they made it into a film which I'll definitely be watching, although I'm a little scared because I do not want it to ruin the book. If I watch it I'll let you know and maybe I'll review it. Overall I loved this book!

Have you read this book? Does it sound like something you'd want to read? I'll be back soon with some holidays posts about my holiday in Thailand so watch out for them!



  1. It sounds like something I would be interested in reading, even though it's meant for the MG age group!

    xoxo Morning

    1. Yes, I definitely agree and would so recommend you check it out, I'd loved it!

  2. I think I might take a break from YA to read this!

    - Edie

    1. Let me know if you enjoy it (also, I have a lot of YA book reviews coming up so watch out!)

  3. Yes, I absolutely love this book. It's one of the first books I came across that had lists and pictures and was just so quirky and fun. And it totally made me cry.


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