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holaaa lexicans! So recently, several people lately have been posting about their WIP sooo guess what today's post is about (my WIP).

I kind of haven't started writing it yet, but today's post will be my plans and a few extracts from the draft I haven't written yet.

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This is Spring. She, like her quadruplets is 14 years old. She is quiet, studious and goes to the local private school on an academic scholarship. Spring is a dedicated writer and has dreams of becoming a children's author one day. Unfortunately, Spring suffers from panic attacks and on some days she shut herself in her room in pitch black.

Random questions and Spring's answers:
Think you're pretty? No way.
Biggest fear? I'm terrified of the sea and have been ever since our parents went off on a boat and were never found.
What's your favourite sport? Sport. I don't really participate in sports that regularly but probably golf because that's what my dad loved.
Do you like marmite? No, it's too tangy.
What's your favourite colour? Pastel purple.
Did you have any pretend friends? Yes many, and I still have one, my alter ego Skye.
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This is Summer. She is popular, confident and almost like a Mean Girls character. She goes to the secondary school and loves art, fashion and dance. When she's older, Summer would love to become a fashion designer and run her own label. (Can you see how differently she talks to Spring?!)

Summer's answers:
Think you're pretty? yes defo
Biggest fear? Like being caught doing something embarrassing in public
What's your favourite sport? dance is lifeeeee
Do you like marmite? um kinda..
What's your favourite colour? Hot pink or black and white for clothes
Did you have any pretend friends? eww no #imnotaloner

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This is Autumn. She loves sport, sport and sport. She too goes to the local secondary school but is hoping to transfer to the Oxdale Academy of Sport. She loves all sports but has always dreamed of becoming a hockey player in the Olympic GB team.

Autumn's answers:
Think you're pretty: Meh, I don't really care
Biggest fear: I hate clowns.
What's your favourite sport? Hockey, swimming, football and cricket but I love all sports.
Do you like marmite? Yes
What's your favourite colour? Deep purple or navy blue
Did you have any pretend friends? I think I had one but I'm not sure.

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This is Winter. She is timid and has a passion for animals and the enviroment. She goes to a secondary school further away from home after being bullied by her classmates when she came out as lesbian. She volunteers at the RSPCA every week and hopes to get a full-time job there one day.

Winter's answers:
Think you're pretty: No
Biggest fear: Having Frosty (her cat) get killed.
What's your favourite sport? I'm not really into sport but if I had to pick it would be tennis.
Do you like marmite? No
What's your favourite colour? Pastel pink
Did you have any pretend friends? Yes, I still have lots today.

So there are Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. They are all VERY different as I'm sure you can tell. Here's a little extract from the book of  Spring's dialogue which follows a jokey comment Summer makes about how people at her school who have bad fashion sense are what's wrong with the world and she's not surprised they're single. I hope this gives you a glimpse of the kind of character Spring is and her talking style.

Shakespeare once wrote: 'love looks not with the eyes but with the mind' and he was right. One should not find love through the so-called 'beauty'. that is what is wrong with the world Summer. People these days want to spend their lives with people because they are physically attractive.

what about everything beneath your skin.
how the way I pronounce obviously always makes you smile.
how you are an extremely talented artist.
how no matter how old you get you will always chase after butterflies.

if we lived in your ideal world all that would be forgotten.
all the little things that make up you.

there is more to you than your fake tan and hair extensions Summer.
I know that but not everyone does.

I hope you like that, and hopefully it gives you a little insight into Spring's mind as well as the way she talks to each other and what she says. I will give you guys updates and let me know what you think. Out of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, who are you most like? Are you a combination? Would you like to hear more about my WIP?



  1. Wow, very interesting characters. I love the whole idea of turning Summer, Winter, Autumn & Spring into real life girls.


  2. Ooh I have always thought about personifying the seasons. Great to see that it has been done with such detail here. Absolutely stunning.
    I really love that you have those little questions that help you get to know your characters better. I'm a huge fan of creating character profiles that way. It smoothens the writing process a great deal.

    According to your descriptions, I am most definitely Spring. :P

    Skylar | Skywriting

  3. It's great to hear the different voices of the characters!

    - Edie

  4. I love the idea of the seasons being people. Really kewl. I'm working on a novel too. I'm planing on doing Nanowrimo to finish it up. Maybe I'll introduce my characters in a blog post too.


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