Some changes happening on What Lexie Loves

Hola Lexicans! So to celebrate reaching 50,000 page views on this blog, I am going to be organising my posting schedule much better and hopefully making a few minor changes in expanding my blog.

Monday: No post
Tuesday: No post
Wednesday: A book review
Thursday: No post
Friday: It's Finally Friday or another review (e.g. film review, theatre review, a review of a day out etc.)
Saturday: No post
Sunday: Lifestyle or writing

This is in no way a strict schedule - you may see me do a random post on Tuesday or I may do a fashion post on Wednesday, depending on how I feel, however this is a vague guideline for you which I will start using next commencing week.

Another thing I am excited to announce, is that I will be relaunching my YouTube channel!! Some of my long term readers will know that earlier last year, I started a YouTube channel alongside my blog (some things are just easier to talk about talking rather than writing, although obviously my blog always comes first). However, I posted irregularly and my videos were cringey so I stopped and deleted them. As I love watching YouTube, particularly Zoella and ReadySetGlamour, I thought it would make sense to relaunch my channel and start again. I will keep you guys all filled in on this, but what I am saying for now is that I'm going to make my relaunch a big deal, getting lots of other small YouTubers involved (if you are a small YouTuber, please let me know!!)

Finally, I want to try having ads on my blog. I know they aren't attractive and I in NO WAY want to be 'just like every other blogger who's out to get money' (obviously that isn't a quote from me, I saw someone say something similar to that once. All it is, is that blogging is a passion. Blogging is my life pretty much and if I can earn a little bit of extra pocket money doing what I love, then I will. I am unlikely to have these ads up for long, no more than a month for sure and if it is truly disturbing you I will stop. I don't know when I will get these ads put up, maybe within a couple of weeks and I might do another separate post about them but if I don't and you see ads pop up, understand why. If What Lexie Loves has ever helped you or you enjoy reading my blog (in which case wow thanks!) then please just click on a couple of the ads, it means a lot!

Overall, that will be a few changes happening to What Lexie Loves within the next few weeks so watch out. If the ads truly disturb you and you really don't like them, please let me know and I cannot wait to show you my YouTube channel when it's finally relaunched so watch this space!!



  1. Cool Lexie! I thinks ads are fine but just in small amounts.

    Nabila // Hot Town Cool Girl

  2. yay! I was one of your first subscribers! I'm happy you're starting your channel up again!

    - Edie

    1. Thanks Edie, I'll let you know when I upload my first video :)


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