My addiction to Modern Family

Holaaaa Lexicans! Today I am going to be doing a thoughts/ramble/review sort of post on my addiction to Modern Family.

You probably know the show Modern Family, but if not I'm going to explain anyway. Modern Family is an American show following 3 families (who are technically one big family but they live separately). It is absolutely hilarious and each episode brings another trail of mishap and laughter!

I have been watching Modern Family with my family for almost a year now and we are already on Season 5. My favourite characters are Haley, Alex, Cam and Mitchell as they are all absolutely hilarious in their own way (Haley is dumb, Alex is manipulative, Cam is over the top and Mitchell is sarcastic) however I love all the characters.

A few nights ago though, I had a mini meltdown inside my head because Modern Family isn't real. Obviously, I know that it isn't real and it's all made up, but trying to get that in my brain was really hard because I want it to be real more than anyone can understand. Just thinking that these are all just actors playing a made-up character for our entertainment and money makes me feel so sad, it's so weird. It is impossible to put into words, it just makes me want to sit back and cry. Anyone who has ever hard-core fangirled over something should get this.

I know it's bad how much I care, but I do and it doesn't help that I'm unlikely to be able to ever explain this to one of the actors or creatives behind the show.

Do you watch Modern Family? Do you relate?



  1. Aaahhhh, I love Modern Family! I've watched seasons 1 through 6 and a bit of season 7. I love the diverseness of the show, and I also love that the show has a lot of emphasis on family. My favorite characters are probably Phil and Mitchell.

    And I totally get what you mean about feeling sad because Modern Family isn't real. I've felt that way a lot about different books and TV shows. In TV shows, and books I tend to get really invested in the characters and I really want what's best for them and it's hard to remember that they're made up sometimes.

  2. I watched Modern Family before, just episodes of it but not like a full-time watcher. It's a great show though! I find it very funny, though I would consider it more of a Western-based show than something I can relate to as someone from Asia haha <3

    xx BASH |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

  3. I'm SO behind on shows. I've been trying to will myself to watch Modern Family, HIMYM, Parks and Rec, the Office-- so many good shows, but since I'm practically out of the house and during the two hours I'm awake while I'm in my house, I end up doing homework or blogging. Priorities, priorities. >.<

    xoxo Morning

  4. I love Modern Family so much! Both my parents love it too, and believe me, that's a rare occurence in this household, hahaha. My favorite character is Phil. And Andy is cool too, but he's technically not part of the family. Still counts, I think :P

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation

  5. I used to love Modern Family, but I kind of stopped watching Hulu (the platformed I watched it on), just because the ads annoyed me too much. I don't think it's weird that you're sad it doesn't really exist--it's just like when you really love a book and you can't believe the characters aren't real.

    Ella ★ Simply Scribbles


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