It's Finally Friday - ideas for the weekend: MOVIE SPECIAL

Hola Lexicans! Today I'm back with another It's Finally Friday and isn't it incredible to think I've been doing this series for over a year now! Today I'm doing a movie special, as there are a LOT of new movies that have come out lately and *surprise, surprise* it's raining again in England so going to the cinema seems perfect at the moment. Take it away! *bows*

Alice Through The Looking Glass

I. Need. To. Watch. This. Movie. This came out at the end of May now (so it's not exactly new, but ya know ;)). I loved the Alice in Wonderland series, a timeless classic (literally!) and I'm very interested to see what approach the directors have taken with this. I've seen the trailer and it looks magical, thrilling and a little spooky in places!

Finding Dory

I absolutely loved Finding Nemo. I watched it at a Kids Club on holiday in Greece and I (think) it made me cry so I will definitely be watching this. All the people who have already seen Finding Dory really liked it, no matter how old they were and I think it will bring back some childhood memories (I say that like I'm not still a child haha).



Everyone has heard about this new movie, in celebration of 100 years of one of the greatest children's authors, Roald Dahl so this doesn't need much explaining. Basically, The BFG, one of Roald Dahl's most famous books is becoming a movie. I have to admit to having not read The BFG, but I still can't wait to see this movie.

Nine Lives

I saw an advert for this movie today and I instantly wanted to see it. It's about a girl and her pet cat, who can talk! It looks like it's going to be so funny and full of mishaps! I'm already persuading my mum to take my siblings and I to see it next week, although my sister is fixed on seeing The Secret Life Of Pets. Which brings me on to my next movie...

The Secret Life Of Pets

Ever wonder what your pets get up to when you're not at home? Or do you just assume they sit and do nothing? Like the title of this movie may suggest, this film is all about what your pets do when you're not at home. Again, this looks like it's going to be absolutely hilarious and it's from the makers of Despicable Me so I know what to expect (laughs, laughs and more laughs)!

Anyway, there are some great movies for the family! Have you seen any of them? Which sound like your kind of movie?

It's Finally Friday - what are you up to in the weekend?



  1. I saw Alice Through the looking glass and I loved it! I liked it even better than the original!!

  2. Finding Dory is really good! I like Finding Nemo better, but that may just be because that's what I grew up watching. I'm probably going to end up seeing Kubo and the Two Strings, because it actually looks intriguing, compared to most of Laika's other works. xD As for what I'm up to this weekend, I'm busy writing a post that will introduce my novel series to the community. I'm super nervous! Ack!

    xoxo Morning

    1. Oooh, good luck for that post - I can't wait to hear about your novel!! I haven't heard of Kubo and the Two Stings, let me know if you like it :)

  3. Ahh finding dory was brilliant, you really have to see it! I was only 6 when finding nemo came out so I could barely remember it but ugh I loved dory's story so much :') going to the cinema sounds like a great plan, we had like 2 days of sun here in Scotland and now it's back to being crazy weather! I hope you enjoy your weekend Lexie!


    Anne //

  4. I've been wanting to watch some of these for a while now, too, especially The BFG.
    Finding Dory was great, you should definitely watch it!

  5. I haven't watched any of those movies but I really want too. :)

    Nabila // Hot Town Cool Girl

  6. OOh these sound like some interesting suggestions! I love watching a good movie on a Friday evening, especially during the school year when things get busy and I just want to unwind. <3 Lovely post idea! Awesome blog you have here :)

    - Autumn

    Ahem, now that I've got that out of my system,
    I'm not to much of a movie person, mainly because there's so much YouTube to watch, who has time to sit and watch an hour+ movie. But animated movies are something I watch with my family, hence, I've seen a lot more of them. But most people when I tell them I haven't watched -insert classic American movie apparently you have to watch to be American- they are appalled and I'm just left stahp, I'm normal too (kinda) :)
    I can't wait for the BFG though, Roald Dalh is fantastic and the BFG book is really good and quirky and will make you smile, I definitely recommend reading it!
    I really want to see finding Dory! Finding Nemo was like the movie of my childhood and my sister would watch it obsessively, which translates to me knowing most of it by heart by now and I really hope they did the sequel well!

    Whoops, well that comment got really long really fast, hm I'll stop rambling now
    Have a great day! :D

    You're Just Right

  8. I'm really looking forward to watching Finding Dory and The BFG......sometime. Finding Nemo still makes me sad.
    Great post as usual!

  9. Oh I want to see some of these too!! Particularly Finding Dory because SO MANY CHILDHOOD MEMORIES. <3 And the BFG!! I love Roald Dahl's books (and the movies he's already got!) although it makes me laugh every time one of his books gets adapted because he hated TV so much.😂 Ah. #irony But the trailer looks so amazing! I'm also really keen for A Monster Calls which is coming out soon. :D

  10. Finding Dory was soooo good. I cried. Alice Through the Looking Glass was totally deviant and crazy but an interesting movie all the same. Great blog!


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