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Hola Lexicans! Today I am going to be doing a review of The Crown, the last book in the Selection series. This series is really a marmite one; some people love it and some people hate it! Like me with marmite, I am a lover of The Selection series so I have read every one. Before I start however, I just wanted to ask you guys if you could comment down below Favourites questions for me - anything from Favourite book, to the most random thing like Favourite crisp flavour. The more the better and I'll let you all know why I need these soon. Anyway, let's just get on with my review!

Eadlyn Schreave is young, independent girl, not forgetting stubborn. She has a loving family and is the oldest of her siblings (by 7 minutes - she has a twin brother). To anyone else, those 7 minutes may not have mattered. However for Eadlyn, those 7 minutes made her the heir to the throne.

Eadlyn has grown up, trained to be the ruler of her country and as I mentioned, she is very independent and hates the idea of marrying. Deep down she knows one of the main duties as monarch is that they have to produce an heir, and one day she will marry, but at around 18 years old, she isn't expecting her marriage to be anytime soon. However, the country is falling apart; people are protesting and rebelling against the monarch and they need a distraction. So, Eadlyn is asked by her parents whether she can hold a Selection. Any man can enter a selection and then 35 are randomly Selected and get invited into the palace, where through a series of one-to-one dates, Eadlyn picks her groom.

The Crown is the follow-on book from The Heir. I read The Heir last year and it ended on quite a big cliffhanger where Eadlyn has still not picked one of the men. I was rather annoyed when I finished, because I was so into the story and the next book hadn't been released yet, so when I walked into my local Waterstones the other week and saw a copy of the final book in the series, The Crown, I couldn't wait to get reading. One thing I must say about the book, is I didn't particularly like the main character Eadlyn, I found her too stubborn and annoying and she made me very vexed at certain points. Typically, if a book has a main character that irritates me, it will put me off immediately, but something about Kiera Cass (the author)'s writing style made it so gripping I just had to read on. Overall, if you are a big fan of dystopian or romance books you will love The Selection series.

Have you read this book? What was YOUR opinion on it? Also, before I go, I want to just say thank you SO much to everyone who voted for me at Rukiya's Blogger Choice Award - I won Best Choice Book Reviewer and I'm really proud! Also, remember to comment down below your Favourites questions - I let you guys know why soon.



  1. Oh I can't wait to get my hands on this! xo

  2. I am still to pick up the selection series! The reviews have increased in positivity so I will most likely read them soon!

    - Edie


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