The No Backspace Writing Challenge

Holaaa Lexicans! Today I've decided to come up with a new writing challenge that I, and hopefully some of you, will try out. This challenge almost certainly is already floating around in the blogosphere, but I've never seen any bloggers try it on their blog, so I'm going to introduce it to our 'circle' of bloggers.

Basically, the challenge is you have to write a story, anything from 100+ words, but the twist is, you cannot use the backspace or 'deleting' bar. This means you may end up with a load of sentences that are wordy, boring, unnecessary and/or grammatically incorrect. (You can change spelling though). However, it's a really good writing exercise and it means you really have to think before you type. I'm now going to try it, but I haven't even thought of an idea, so it's very much improvisation (not to forget, obviously I can't delete things).


Everywhere you go the idea of perfection follows you around. You are perfect and beautiful and loved and wanted and a true angel. However, you wanted to be here - nobody does but now you are here, the true meaning of life - or death more like is apparent. Everything happens for a reason, you shouldn't ever have regrets. Yet you do. Suicide is never necessary, and you could still be living your life on earth right now.


Today you came back home from a terrible day. The It Girls teased you again about your weight, even though you'd lost two stone in a month. Not eating felt great, until the It Girls found another way to make it offensive. But today it cut deeper than just the weight, like a sharp knife cutting into your skin. They made fun of your little sister, laughing about her Down's Syndrome. But worst of all, they made bitter comments about your mum 'The epic idiot who had no life, even when she was living. I bet she's glad she was half-blind and got hit by that bus - she doesn't have to deal with you anymore'.

So you carried on starving yourself, and you cut off juice as well. Living on nothing but water.


Well, you were living at least.


I hope you enjoyed that. Not using the backspace was hard, and I caught myself in the act once or twice, but overall I managed. Also, that story got quite deep wow, I hope this didn't go to close to home for any of you.

Finally, I nominate
and all my other writing-lover readers! Let me know if you did the challenge, and hopefully we can get this spread around the blogosphere.


  1. Great job, Lexie and thanks for tagging me! <3


    1. Hi Anna, no problem I hope you do it; I can't wait to see what you come up for!

  2. This is such a great idea for a challenge! And you writing is amazing, and really touching ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  3. This challenge sounds so cool!


  4. This is an amazing idea for a challenge! Your writing is also amazing - I definitely couldn't write like that (especially without using backspaces)!
    Great Job,
    Elsie A xx


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