but first lemme take a selfie

fit - adj, attractive; good-looking
hot - adj, (of a person) attractive
stunner - n, a strikingly beautiful or impressive person or thing
beautiful - adj, pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically
gorgeous - adj, beautiful; very attractive

^all those words are extreme, delicate, you could even say beautiful aha
they should be used sparingly

i'm guilty of using those words vast amounts in a day, when I spend time on Instagram and various other social medias
and i've been called all those words myself

you shouldn't need 100 comments from friends, boys and the other 'gorgeous' girls to know that, inside and out you are a stunner; striking beautiful or impressive person or thing; and you're a stunner always, not just at a strategic angle with perfect lighting, a huge amount of make-up, and an aesthetically pleasing filter.

you are always a stunner.

so please use these words wisely and sparingly because they are precious and meaningful. yes they are beautiful but they shouldn't need you telling them that to believe it.


I have to admit, I am one of those people who will delete their selfies if they don't get over 10 comments, including ones from the 'pretty' girls and 'fit' boys and I know its not good. I know I only post selfies to get all those comments, but I shouldn't. I know people who hate their figure because of how social media puts all those pressures on you to have flat stomachs and be super-skinny, when let's face it, you're totally perfect.

It's fine to post selfies, it's fine to comment on other peoples but think about it, am I deleting this because I don't want to have it up or because it has 'barely any' likes?

Hope this post made you think and you enjoyed it. Can any of you relate at all?



  1. I completely understand what you're getting at. I too feel quite strongly about this. If you don't mind, I did a post quite similar to this after reading it. I gave you credit for the initial idea but the writing is all mine.

    1. Hi Edie! Thank you for commenting, and I love you did a post inspired by mine; spread the word ahaha but thank you for crediting me.

      - Lexie

  2. Hey Lexie! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I love your header - coral & mint are so pretty together. xx

    1. Yeah, I love Lexie's new header and design- good job Noor!

    2. Thanks guys, I love my new header too - isn't Noor talented?! xx

  3. hello, lexie! you commented on my blog and i thought i'd pop on over and see your blog. it's terrific, and this post was lovely + oh so true. your writing style is fantastic. <3
    xx a

    1. hi adaline - thanks for commenting, and that means a lot xx

  4. You definitely have a point here, I've been guilty too of deleting selfies that didn't get enough attention! I think our culture is generally way too obsessed with selfies, it's just a photo at the end of the day. x


thanks for commenting!:)