WCBP2016 - at the awards

Hola Lexicans! A few days ago, last Thursday, I was invited to attend the Waterstones Children's Book Prize (WCBP2016) at their Piccadilly store. I have mentioned WCBP2016 on my blog a couple of times already, which you may have noticed. I was lucky enough to actually meet and interview some of the authors on the shortlist (including one of the category winners) and I will be sharing my answers in my next post.

Before I tell you the winners, I wanted to explain how beautifully the bookstore had been decorated for the award, Waterstones Piccadilly had been completely transformed - streamers, all the books were laid out and the people who greeted us were dressed up.

And now, for the thing we have ALL been waiting for... The winners! There were 3 categories at WCBP2016: Illustrated Books, Younger Readers and Older Readers. The winner of the Illustrated Books category was *drumroll please* David Litchfield with his book The Bear and the Piano. The winner of the Older Readers category was the amazing Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson (which I loved and I have to admit, was one of my favourites). And finally, the winner of the Younger Readers was David Solomans with his book My Brother Is A Superhero. Solomans also won the overall award so is now Waterstones Children's Book Of The Year.

I actually got the opportunity to interview Lisa Williamson, category winner, Katherine Woodfine (the author of The Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow) and Moira Fowley-Doyle (author of The Accident Season) and I'll be sharing there answers in my next post.



  1. What a great opportunity!

    - Edie

  2. That is such an awesome opportunity! I can't wait to read the answers in your next post, and I am loving your blog (not sure how I haven't found it before!)
    -Lauren <3


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